TRAINMONHER - TRAINing in MONumental HERitage

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Trainmonher Project

TRAINMONHER (TRAINing in MONumental HERitage) is a Specific Support Action (SSA) project (6th PCRD), financed by the European Union. It is an research and development, international co-operation and sustainable development project.
During two years, seven countries (Argentina, Croatia, France, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal and Spain) are going to work in the implementation of multidisciplinary core modules in the field of restoration and valorisation of cultural heritage. After a comparative survey in cultural policies for each partner, various theoretical and practical core modules will be developed to: 
 • Local juniors graduated 
 • Local students 
 • Local professionals 
This programme will be available through an e-learning platform for the targets mentioned above. Thus, this project will participate to the promotion of new technologies in these areas. 
In the Mediterranean region, tourism is the first source of incomes. Well-designed and well-managed, cultural tourism contributes to an economical development and promote the dialogue between cultures. Well-planed, instead of being a threat to endangered sites, its encourages the conservation, preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage. That's why, the training of qualified staff in the field of cultural tourism and heritage preservation is an asset for the future of these regions.

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Canal Beagle (Ushuaia) - Tierra del fuego/AR - 2014

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