Ponuda intelektualnog vlasništva

Intellectual Property

Companies whose operations are based on patents or licenses do business in a market that requires interdisciplinary cooperation, where knowledge is the main comparative advantage.  

Rudjer Innovations Ltd. Is a company specializing in the commercialization of innovations and technology transfer. It was established as a subsidiary of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, which has the largest researcher base of any Croatian institution.

The intellectual property portfolio of Rudjer Innovations includes innovations protected by patents or patent applications in various fields of science that have commercial potential. They are ready to be commercialized in various ways, depending on the interests and needs of customers and partners. 

Tumour cell micrograph taken with scanning electron microscope.

Triazene compounds as potential antitumour drugs

Triazene analogues, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts and N-acyl derivatives show cytotoxicity in very low concentrations and good solubility. Compounds like these can be used in tumour treatment as a single drug or in combination with other cytostatics.

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Photo-processed with patented NDCA algorithm

Tumour visualisation and demarcation method

Applying this novel algorithm for unsupervised segmentation of multi-spectral fluorescent image enables robust tumour demarcation and visualisation by means of photodynamic diagnosis. Robustness is with respect to the intensity variation of the fluorescent image of the tumour. The method can be applied either in real time, or in post-processing.

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