Adamantane-dipyrromethane derivatives and their application in anion sensing

Adamantane-dipyrromethane derivatives and their application in anion sensing

Market opportunity

Anions play an important role in chemical and biological processes. It is of great importance to detect anions like phosphate and nitrate in natural and wastewaters. Fluorides are found in drinking, sea and technological waters, in human plasma and tissues as a result of, among other things, use of fluoride toothpastes.

Open world market for sensors is big: it grew from 32.5 billion US $ in 1998 to 50.6 billion US $ in 2007. Average annual growth is 5 %. USA, Western Europe and Japan collectively account for about 83 % of the global sensor market.

Ion-selective electrodes are often used in detection of anions and cations because of their speed, precision and reliability.

Innovation description

This innovation includes preparation and use of adamantane dipyromethane derivatives for anion detection. New compounds bind F-, Cl-, Br-, Ac-, HSO4-, NO3- and H2PO4- anions, especially fluoride ion. They may be incorporated into ion-selective electrode for detection of fluorides.

Marijeta Kralj

Marijeta Kralj, PhD

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Besides anion detection new chemical compounds may be used as intermediates in preparation of calixpyrrole and anion sensors with fluorescent or chromogene groups.

The binding of anions to new compounds is enabled due to presence of two or more hydrogen bonds, which gives high stability constants of the complex. Because of such anion binding mechanism it is not possible to use new sensors in water media, but they can be used for anion extraction from water to organic solutions.

Intellectual property status

This innovation is the subject of Croatian, EU and US patent application. Rudjer Innovations Ltd. would like to offer patent application as well as related know-how and experience to companies interested in commercial exploitation.