Agent for chemical treatment of glass, ceramics and stone surfaces

Agent for chemical treatment of glass, ceramics and stone surfaces.

Agent for chemical treatment of glass, ceramics and stone surfaces.

Market opportunity

Because of its outstanding properties glass has become the packaging material of choice in the beverage and food industry, and also in the pharmaceutical and perfume industry. It is widely used in everyday life. Unlike other packaging materials, glass is fully recyclable and reusable with no quality change.

In Croatia alone 216,000 tons of glass packaging was manufactured in 2006, of which 134,000 tons (worth 62 million $) was exported. Worldwide production of glass and glass packaging is worth billions of $. The Japanese glass factory Asahi Glass Co. Ltd, which is one of the biggest in the world, gained 500 million $ profit in year 2006.

Innovation description

Standard procedure for opaque glass preparation is etching using hydrofluoric acid. Glass obtained in such a manner possesses fine surface structure and hydrophobicity, but, because of the toxicity of fluor and fluor compounds, this method is not appropriate for manufacture of food industry packaging.

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An alternative procedure is mechanical sandblasting. Glass obtained using this method has several disadvantages: the glass surface is not hydrophobic, fingerprints are easily deposited and the surface is extremely prone to mechanical damage during glass transport.

Experts of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute have developed a new chemical agent, which solves all the above-mentioned problems at the same time, not only in processing of sandblasted glass but also ceramics and stone surfaces. It makes treated surfaces hydrophobic, shiny, resistant to damage during transport and fingerprint resistant.

Intellectual property status

This innovation is the subject of Croatian and international patent application. Rudjer Innovations Ltd offers patent application as well as related know-how and experience to companies interested in commercial exploitation.