New chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography

New chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography

Market opportunity

Chiral technologies (concerned with the production of specific chiral isomers) are important for the production of biochemicals, pesticides, aroma and flavor compounds, dyes and pigments, liquid crystals, nonlinear optical materials and polymers. They are most important for the pharmaceutical industry. The use of enantiomerically pure drugs has many advantages: better efficiency and safety, lengthening of drug life-cycle, reduction of doses needed. This has led to an increasing need for optically pure drugs.

The worldwide sales value of chiral pharmaceuticals is continuously increasing: from 74 billion US $ in 1996 it grew to 152 billion US $ in 2002 and 349 billion US $ in 2004. Each of the top ten best-selling enantiomerically pure drugs has annual sales of more than 1 billion US $. The worldwide sales value of chiral agrochemicals increased from 7 billion US $ in 1999 to 20 billion US $ in 2004, with a predicted annual growth rate of 19 %.

Innovation description

We offer new brush-type chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography in which chiral selector is covalently bonded to a solid carrier. They separate a wide range of racemic or enantiomerically enriched mixtures of commercial interest. Separation can be reached on an analytical as well as on preparative scale.

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New chiral selectors have simple, but completely defined specific geometry. The problem of poor separation of some groups of racemates on most of commercially available brush-type chiral stationary phases is solved with our stationary phases. They especially solve the problem of enantiomer separation of a-arylpropionic acid derivatives, known as profens. Profens are an important class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that have been in clinical use for almost 30 years.

Intellectual property status

This innovation is the subject of Croatian and US patent application. Rudjer Innovations Ltd would like to offer patent application as well as related know-how and experience to companies interested in commercial exploitation.