Spin-off društva

Spin-off Companies

In the Republic of Croatia,  through the successful joint efforts of private domestic and foreign investors, venture capital and scientific institutions, the first spin-off companies have been launched in such a way that the commercialization of inventions is becoming increasingly accepted.

During the 2006–2010 period, the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the company Rudjer Innovations founded five new spin-off companies. Through an investment worth over ten million HRK, young professionals and scientists have the opportunity to enter into entrepreneurship. All the companies, with the intensive support of Rudjer Innovations, will soon be or are already acting independently on the market.

Robin Hood Solver

Artes Calculi

We specialize in software solutions in CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) field, especially in electrostatic and electromagnetic analysis. Our premier product is The Robin Hood Solver, a top of the line solution for electrostatic analysis, which is faster than the competing solutions and uses far less memory.

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Biozyne Ltd.

BioZyne Ltd. is a company for research and development in life sciences, established in 2004, but restructured and refinanced in 2010. It is now owned by Rudjer Innovations Ltd., Rudjer Boskovic Institute and a group of scientists. Company is to provide optimised active lead compounds as potential drug molecules for the treatment of cancer. Company will also offer in vitro screening services to potential customers.

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Initium Futuri

Initium futuri Ltd.

Company founded in August 2007 by four young students-inventors and Rudjer Innovations Ltd. with a goal to offer ICT innovations based on the latest development platforms. Company Founders have won many international prizes during their study at Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Prizes include Microsoft Imagine Cup, International innovation exhibition Arca 2006 and Arca 2007, International innovation exhibition Geneve 2007, Rector's awards, Vidi E-novation, finalist in IFIA World Cup 2007 and others.

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Ruđer Medikol Ciklotron

Rudjer Medikol Cyclotron Ltd.

The company Rudjer Medikol Cyclotron Ltd was established in 2007 by Rudjer Innovations Ltd., Medikol Ltd. and Rudjer Boskovic Institute to produce and offer radionuclides used in PET/CT diagnostics and the follow-up of various tumours: lungs, colorectal, head and neck, breast, lymphomas, melanomas, thyroid.

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Rudjer Medikol Diagnostics Ltd.

Rudjer Medikol Diagnostics Ltd.

The company Rudjer Medikol Diagnostics Ltd was established in 2007 by Rudjer Innovations Ltd. and Medikol Polyclinic to offer hereditary breast cancer genetic testing, a sophisticated method developed in Rudjer Boskovic Institute R&D laboratories.

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