Daniela Marić

Daniela Marić Pfannkuchen

+385 52 804 760

Assistant, PhD student


G. Paliaga 5, Rovinj 52210

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2006 - Faculty of Science and Mathematics,University of Zagreb, (Department of Geology)

Interdisciplinary Doctoral study in Oceanology, Phd candidate

2004 - Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics,University of Trieste, Italy, Diploma in Biology

Specific research interests

phytoplankton ecology and taxonomy


2009 Potentially toxic diatomsfrom genus Pseudo-nitzschia in theNorthern Adriatic (SYNTHESYS Project DE-TAF-5466); Leader; European CommunityResearch Infrastructure Action under the FP7 "Capacities" Program

Featured Publications

Ljubešić, Z., Bosak, S., Viličić, D., Kralj Borojević, K., Marić, D., Godrijan, J., Ujević, I., Peharec, P. and T. Đakovac: "Ecology and taxonomy of potentially toxic Pseudo-nitzschia species in Lim Bay (north-eastern Adriatic Sea)". Harmful Algae. 10 (2011), 713-722

Frka, S., Gašparović, B., Marić, D., Godrijan, J., Djakovac, T., Vojvodić, V., Dautović, J. and Z. Kozarac: Phytoplankton driven distribution of dissolved and particulate lipids in a semi-enclosed temperate sea (Mediterranean): Spring to summer situation. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 93(4) (2011), 290-304

Marić, D., Ljubešić, Z., Godrijan, J., Viličić, D., Ujević, I. and R. Precali: Blooms of the potentially toxic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia calliantha Lundholm, Moestrup & Hasle in coastal waters of the northern Adriatic Sea (Croatia). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 92(3) (2011), 323-331

Pletikapić, G., Mišić Radić, T., Hozić Zimmermann, A., Svetličić, V., Pfannkuchen, M., Marić, D., Godrijan, J. And V. Ţutić: AFM imaging of extracellular polymer release by marine diatom Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reiman & J.C. Lewin. Journal of molecular recognition. 24
(3) (2011), 436-445

Pfannkuchen, M., Marić, D., Godrijan, J., Fritz, G., Brummer, F., Jaklin, A., Hamer, B. and R. Batel: Sponges (Porifera) and eukaryotic, unicellular plankton. A case study on Aplysina aerophoba, Nardo 1886 in the northern Adriatic. Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology. 382(1) (2009), 40-46

Membership in professional associations / societies

2009 -British Phycological Society, www.brphycsoc.org 

2009 -Croatian Biological Society, www.hbd1885.hr