Romina Kraus

Romina Kraus


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Research Associate


Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Center for Marine Research
G. Paliaga 5
52210 Rovinj

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Featured Publications

Kraus, R., Supić, N. 2010. Impact of circulation on high phytoplankton blooms and fish catch in the northern Adriatic (1990-2004). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2010.10.021

Radić, T., Kraus, R., Fuks, D., Radić, J., Pečar, O. 2005. Transparent exopolimeric particles distribution in the northern Adriatic and their relation to microphytoplankton biomass and composition. Science of the Total Environment. 353: 151-161.

Totti C., Cangini M., Ferrari C., Kraus R., Pompei M., Pugnetti A., Romagnoli T., Vannucci S., Socal G. 2005. Phytoplankton size-distribution and community structure in relation to mucilage occurrence in the northern Adriatic Sea. Science of the Total Environment. 353: 204-217.

Fonda Umani, S., Milani, L., Borme, D., de Olazabal, A., Parlato, S., Precali, R., Kraus, R., Lučić, D., Njire, J., Totti, C., Romagnoli, T., Pompei, M., Cangini, M. 2005. Inter-annual variations of planktonic food webs in the northern Adriatic Sea and their role in driving organic carbon fluxes. Science of the Total Environment. 353: 218-231. 

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