Adhesion of liposomes at electrode

Proposed project is based on application of electrochemcial method and theoretical model in study of adhesion mechanism of liposomes at charged electrode. Complexity of adhesion mechanism between two charged surfaces in contact relies on existance of localized adhesion potential and unlocalized electrostatic potential which have not been reported in literature. Specific aims of the project: (i) to reveal the role and contribution of specific and non-specific interfacial interactions involved in liposome adhesion at the electrode, (ii) to use elastic theory of lipid membranes to study the equilibrium shapes of liposomes which feel both the attractive adhesive potential of the electrode and its electric field and (iii) to apply elastic theory of lipid membranes to determine critical parametars for membrane disruption depending on surface charge density at the electrode and ionic strenght of aquoues electrolyte solution. Results would contribute to the better understanding of fundamental processes important for vesicular transport (intra and extracellualr) and reaction of cell membrane on environmental stress.

Project category
Bilateralna znanstveno-istraživačka suradnja Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i športa
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Croatian team Amela. Hozić Zimmermann Jadranka Pečar-Ilić Ivica Ružić

Slovenian team Primož Ziherl-project leader, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia Samir El Shawish Ana Hočevar Saša Svetina

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