Josip Bronić

Josip Bronić


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senior scientist

Krilo 7/101

Bijenička 54
10000 Zagreb

Research Areas

Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Specific research interests

characterization of microporous materials, crystal growth, hydrothermal synthesis, modeling, nucleation


Basic Project supported by Croatian Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Sports.

Featured Publications

N. Ren, J. Bronić, B. Subotić, Y.-M. Song, X.-C. Lv, Y. Tang, "Controllable and SDA-free synthesis of sub-micrometer sized zeolite ZSM-5. Part 2: Influence of sodium ions and ageing of the reaction mixture on the chemical composition, crystallinity and particulate properties of the products", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 147 (2012) 229-241.

S. Bosnar, J. Bronić, Đ. Brlek, B. Subotić, "Chemically controlled particulate properties of zeolites: Towards the face-less particles of zeolite A. 2. Influence of aluminosilicate batch concentration and alkalinity of the reaction mixture (hydrogel) on the size and shape of zeolite A crystals", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 142 (2011) 389-397.

A. Palčić, J. Bronić, Đ. Brlek, B. Subotić, "New insights on the autocatalytic nucleation in zeolite A synthesis", CrystEngComm, 13 (2011) 1215-1220.

J. Hrenović, D. Željezić, N. Kopjar, A. Sarpola, J. Bronić, L. Sekovanić, "Antimicrobial activity of commercial zeolite A on Acinetobacter junii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae", J. Hazardous Mater., 183 (2010) 655-663.

P.K. Dutta, J. Bronić, "Mechanism of zeolite formation: Seed-gel interaction", Zeolites, 14 (1994) 250-255.

Membership in professional associations / societies

International Zeolite Association

Croatian Zeolite Association (head from 2007)

Croatian Chemical Society

Croatian Crystallographic Association