Nena Peran

Nena Radić


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Krilo 10/A-203

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Quantum Organic Chemistry Group
Bijenička cesta 54
10000 Zagreb


2010.   PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Thesis title: Computational Study of Acid-Base Properties of alpha-Aminoacids in Water Solutions. Supervisors: Prof. Zvonimir Maksić, Dr. Robert Vianello

2006–2010   Postgraduate study of physical chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

2005.   Dipl. ing. in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Thesis title: Hydride Affinities of Unsaturated Organic Molecules - a Rationalization Using Triadic Formula. Supervisor: Prof. Zvonimir Maksić

2001–2005   Chemistry study, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research Areas

Physical Chemistry, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Theoretical Chemistry

Awards and Achievements

2012. Annual Award by the Society of University Teachers and other Scientists in Zagreb

2011. Annual Award from the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute

2005. Medal of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

2005. Rector's award, University of Zagreb

2001. Honorary mention, 33. International Chemistry Olympiad, Mumbai, India

Featured Publications

1. Nena Peran, Zvonimir B. Maksić, Polycyclic croissant-like organic compounds are powerful superbases in the gas phase and acetonitrile—a DFT study, Chemical Communications, 47 (2011) 1327-1329. (IF=5.787)

2. Robert Vianello, Nena Peran, Zvonimir B. Maksić, Hydride Affinities of Substituted Alkenes: Their Prediction by Density Functional Calculations and Rationalisation by Triadic Formula, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 4 (2007) 526-539. (IF=3.206)

3. Robert Vianello, Nena Peran, Zvonimir B. Maksić, Hydride Affinities of some Substituted Alkynes - Prediction by DFT Calculations and Rationalization by Triadic Formula, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110 (2006) 47, 12870-12881. (IF=2.732)

4. Davor Kovačević, Siniša Glavanović, Nena Peran, Application of Optical Reflectometry for Characterization of Polyelectrolyte-Protein Multilayers, Colloids and Surfaces A, 277 (2006) 177-182. (IF=2.130)

Membership in professional associations / societies

Member of the Croatian Chemical Society