Nikola Štambuk

Nikola Štambuk

Ph. D.

+385 1 468 0193

Senior Scientist

NMR Centre

Krilo 3/213

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička cesta 54
HR-10000 Zagreb

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M. D., Zagreb University School of Medicine, 1984;

M. Sc., Zagreb University School of Medicine, 1988; Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, University of Zagreb 1989;

Ph. D., Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, University of Zagreb, 1991.

Research Areas

Biomedicine and Healthcare, Basic Medical Sciences


Principal investigator, grant No. 098-0982929-2524, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports,  of the Republic of Croatia.


PhD programme - the Doctoral Study in Biomedicine and Health Sciences, University of Zagreb, School of Medicine

Featured Publications

  1. Štambuk, Nikola. Fractal model of the hematoocular barrier: Verhulst dynamics and mathematical modelling of the inflow and outflow values. Mathematical and computer modelling. 14 (1990) 565-570.
  2. Štambuk, Nikola; Ćurković, Tihomir; Trbojević-Čepe, Milica; Ožegović, Julije. Measurement of intraocular IgA and IgM synthesis and filtration through the blood-aqueous barrier in cataract patients. Current eye research. 9 supplement (1990) 45-51.
  3. Štambuk, Nikola. Interleukin 4., IgG, and oligoclonal IgG in aqueous humor of cataract patients. Graefe’s archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology. 232 (1994) 572-573.
  4. Karaman-Kraljević, Ksenija; Štambuk, Vjera; Štambuk, Nikola; Marušić, Matko; Kaštelan, Andrija; Užarević, Branka; Batinić, Drago. Etiology and clinical features of anterior uveitis in Southern Croatia (Dalmatia). Ocular immunology and inflammation. 4 (1996) 193-201.
  5. Štambuk, Nikola. On the genetic origin of complementary protein coding. Croatica chemica acta. 71 (1998) 573-589.
  6. Štambuk, Nikola. On circular coding properties of gene and protein sequences. Croatica chemica acta. 72 (1999) 999-1008.
  7. Seiwerth, Sven; Štambuk, Nikola; Konjevoda, Paško; Mašić, Nikola; Vasilj, Ankica; Bura, Miljenko; Klapan, Ivo; Manojlović, Spomenka; Đanić, Davor. Immunohistochemical analysis and prognostic value of cathepsin D determination in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of chemical information and computer sciences. 40 (2000) 545-549.
  8. Štambuk, Nikola. Universal metric properties of the genetic code. Croatica chemica acta. 73 (2000) 1123-1139.
  9. Konjevoda, Paško; Štambuk,Nikola; Aralica, Gorana; Pokrić, Biserka. Cytoprotective effects of met-enkephalin and alpha-MSH on ethanol induced gastric lesions in rats. Journal of physiology - Paris. 95 (2001) 277-281. 
  10. Štambuk, Nikola; Konjevoda, Paško. New computational algorithm for the prediction of protein folding types. International journal of quantum chemistry. 84 (2001) 13-22.     
  11. Štambuk, Nikola; Konjevoda, Paško. Prediction of secondary protein structure with binary coding patterns of amino acid and nucleotide physicochemical properties. International journal of quantum chemistry. 92 (2003) 123-134. 
  12. Štambuk, Nikola; Konjevoda, Paško; Boban-Blagaić, Alenka; Pokrić, Biserka. Molecular recognition theory of the complementary (antisense) peptide interactions. Theory in biosciences. 123 (2005) 265-275.
  13. Štambuk, Nikola; Konjevoda, Paško. The role of independent test set in modeling of protein folding kinetics. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. 696 (2011) 279-284.
  14. Houra, Karlo; Turčić, Petra; Gabričević, Mario; Weitner, Tin; Konjevoda, Paško; Štambuk, Nikola. Interaction of alpha-melanocortin and its pentapeptide antisense LVKAT: effects on hepatoprotection in male CBA mice. Molecules 16 (2011) 7331-43.

Membership in professional associations / societies

Croatian Medical Association, 1985; The International  Association for Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 1989; International Ocular Inflammation Society, 1987 (Council member and representative of Croatia, 1995-2003); Croatian Society for Immunology, 1996; International Society for Thymology and Immunotherapy, 1996; European Society for Applied Immunology, 2001.