Implementation of the Water Quality Monitoring in Western Istrian Coastal Sea (Northern Adriatic) WICOS

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Instrument pretpristupne pomoći IPA (eng. Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance)

WICOS (Implementation of the water quality monitoring in the Western Istrian COastal Sea) is an Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme-INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE Project, with main objectives:

  • Scientific support to the implementation of a strategy for the environmental protection and sustainable development of the sensitive coastal Adriatic Sea areas (CAOS).
  • Estimation of long-term changes in the Adriatic ecosystem.
  • Evaluation of the relative importance of climatic fluctuations and oceanographic conditions variability vs. the anthropogenic impact of eutrophication.

Since the observed area is Northern Adriatic, WICOS could easily be retained as continuation of the REQUISITE project, measuring the same parameters and having a complete view in the Northern Adriatic ecosystem. As in REQUISITE, our partner is Struttura Oceanographica Daphne; ARPA-ER, Cesenatico, Italy. The WICOS project started in August 2008 and will last for one year.

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