Romina Kraus

Romina Kraus


Senior Research Associate
+385 52 804 746


+385 52 804 780


Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Center for Marine Research
G. Paliaga 5
52210 Rovinj

List of publications


IPA Adriatic project BALMAS (RBI coordination as project partner)

Featured Publications

Kraus, R., Supić, N.*, Precali, R. 2016. Factors favouring large organic production in the northern Adriatic: Towards the northern Adriatic empirical ecological model. Ocean Science. 12, 19-37.

Kraus, R.*, Supić, N. 2015. Sea dynamics impacts on the macroaggregates: A case study of the 1997 mucilage event in the northern Adriatic. Progress in Oceanography. 138, 249–267.

Kraus, R.*, Supić, N., Lučić, D., Njire, J. 2015. Impact of winter oceanographic conditions on zooplankton abundance in northern Adriatic with implications on Adriatic anchovy stock prognosis. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 167, 56–66.

Supić, N.*, Kraus, R., Kuzmić, M., Paschini, E., Precali, R., Russo, A., Vilibić, I. 2012. Predictability of northern Adriatic winter conditions. Journal of Marine Systems. 90, 1, 42-57.

Kraus, R.*, Supić, N. 2011. Impact of circulation on high phytoplankton blooms and fish catch in the northern Adriatic (1990-2004). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 91, 2, 198-210.

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Croatian Biological Society