Mira Ristić

Mira Ristić

dr. sc.

senior scientist
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Krilo 7/102

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička cesta 54
10000 Zagreb, P.O. Box 180

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1991. Ph. D. - Rudjer Boskovic Institute, University of Zagreb 

1988. M. sc. - Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

1981. B. sc. - Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb


2016-2017: Nano/microstructure, optical and magnetic properties of doped electrospun alfa-Fe2O3 and ZnO fibers; Croatian-Austrian bilateral project 

2015-2017: Synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles and nanofibers and their application in environmental   catalysis; Croatian-Chinese bilateral project

2011-2013: Synthesis and microstructure of metal oxides and oxide glasses, MSES project

2012-2013: Investigations of factors influencing the properties of metallic and metal oxide nanoparticles;Croatian-Austrian bilateral project 

2008-2010: Metal oxides - structural and magnetic properties, Croatian-Serbien bilateral project

2008-...: Investigation of  iron(III)-polysaccharide complexes by  Mossbauer spectroscopy, Pliva Hrvatska


2007 _ .... Spectroscopic methods in the investigation of materials, Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb

2007 – 2014  «Nanostructured metal oxides – synthesis and characterization», Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb

Featured Publications

  1. Marcius, M.; Ristic, M.; Ivanda, M.; Musić, S.: Formation of iron oxides by surface oxidation of iron plate, Croat. Chem. Acta 85 (2012) 117-122.
  2. Žic, M.; Ristić, M.; Musić, S.: Monitoring the hydrothermal precipitation of α-Fe2O3 from concentrated Fe(NO3)3 solutions partially neutralized with NaOH, J. Mol. Struct. 993 (2011) 115-119.
  3. Žic, M.; Ristić, M., Musić, S.; The effect of temperature on the crystallization of a-Fe2O3 particles from dense β-FeOOH suspensions, Mat. Chem Phys. 120 (2010) 160-166.
  4. Opačak, I.; Ristić, M.; Musić, S.: Preparation and characterization of hollow a- Fe2O3 irregular spheres, Mater. Lett. 64 (2010) 2555-2558.
  5. Žic,  M.,  Ristić,  M.,  Musić,  S.  57Fe Mössbauer, FT-IR and FE SEM investigation of the formation of hematite and goethite at high pH values.  J.  Mol.  Struct. 834 (2007) 141-149.
  6.  Ristić, M.,  De Grave,  E., Musić,  S.,  Popović,  S.,  Orehovec,  Z. , Transformation of low crystalline ferrihydrite to a-Fe2O3 in the solid state.  J. Mol. Struct.  834 (2007) 454-460.
  7. Ristić, M.,  Musić,  S.,  Godec,  M. Properties of a-FeOOH, g-FeOOH and a-Fe particles precipitated by hydrolysis of Fe3+ ions in perchlorate containing aqueou solutions. J. Alloys & Comp. 417 (2006) 292-299.  
  8. Ristić,  M.,  Musić, S.,  Ivanda,  M.,  Popović, S. Sol-gel synthesis and  characterization of nanocrystalline ZnO powders.  J.  Alloys  & Comp. 397 (2005)L1-L4.
  9. Ristić,  M.,  Popović,  S., Musić,  S. Application of sol-gel method in the synthesis of gallium(III)-oxide.  Mat. Lett. 59 (2005) 1227-1233.
  10. Ristić, M. , Popović, S.,  Musić, S. Formation and properties of Cd(OH)(2) and CdO particles. Mater. Lett. 58 (2004) 2494-2499.
  11. Ristić,  M.,  Popović, S.,  Musić,  S.  Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of Nb2O5 powders. Mater.  Lett. 58 (2004) 2658-2663.
  12. Ristić, M., Nowik, I., Popović, S., Felner, I., Musić, S.:Influence of synthesis procedure on the YIG formation,  Mater. Lett. 57 (2003) 2584-2590.
  13.  Ristić, M. Ivanda, M., Popović, S., Musić, S.: Dependence of nanocrystalline SnO2 particle  size on synthesis route, J. Non-Crystalline Solids, 303 (2002) 270-280.

Membership in professional associations / societies

2005 - ...member of Croatian Microscopic Society

1995 - … member of Croatian Crystallographic Association

1995 - … member of Croatian Chemical Society


2009 -2012. Vice-president of Scientific Council for Chemistry, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb