Darko Orešković

dr. sc.

Senior research associate
+385 1 468 0218


Krilo 4/9C

Institute Ruđer Bošković
Bijenička c. 54
10 000 Zagreb


School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Master of Medical Science; field: Basic Medical Science;  branch: Molecular biology

Philosophy Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; field: Basic Medical Science; branch: Neuroscience


Hydrodynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid

Featured Publications

1. Gubenšek F, Ritonja A, Cotič V, Koželj G, Pihler B, Orešković D, Bulat M. (1982) Distribution of Vipera ammodytes toxic phospholipase A in the cat and its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. Toxicon 20, 191-194. 



2. Whitton P, Orešković D**, Marković Z, Škarpa D, Bulat M. (1983) Effect of the antiepileptic di-n-propylacetamide on 5-hydroxytryptamine turnover in the brain and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid. Europ J Pharmacol 91, 57-62.



3. Whitton PS, Orešković D**, Jernej B, Bulat M. (1984) Antiepileptic di-n- propylacetamide and di-n-propylacetic acid increase the noradrenaline turnover in the brain. Period Biol 86, 231-233.



4. Whitton PS, Orešković D**, Marković Z, Petrić P, Bulat M. (1984) Action of picrotoxin and the anticonvulsant dipropylacetamide on brain 5- hydroxytryptamine metabolism and convulsions. Iugoslav Physiol Pharmacol Acta 20, 117-121.


5. Whitton PS, Orešković D**, Jernej B, Bulat M. (1985) Effect of valproic acid on 5-hydroxytryptamine turnover in mouse brain. J Pharm Pharmacol 37, 199-200.



6. Whitton PS, Orešković D**, Jernej B, Radačić M, Plavšić F, Bulat M. (1986) Plasma level of dipropylacetamide and dipropylacetic acid and effect of these drugs on 5-hydroxytryptamine metabolism in mouse brian. Biomed Pharmacother 40, 191-193.

IF= 2.208


7. Orešković D**, Whitton PS, Peričić D, Marković Z, Bulat M. (1987) Brain gamma-aminobutyric acid and protection from picrotoxin-induced convulsions following treatment with di-n-propylacetamide and di-n-propylacetic acid. Period Biol 89, 17-20.



8. Čičin-Šain L, Orešković D, Perović S, Jernej B, Iskrić S. (1990) Determination of serotonin in peripheral rat tissues by ion-exchange chromatography-fluorimetry. Validation by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection. Biogenic Amines 7, 641-650.



9. Orešković D**, Whitton PS, Lupret V. (1991) Effect of intracranial pressure on cerebrospinal fluid formation in isolated brain ventricles. Neuroscience 41, 773-777.



10. Orešković D**, Sanković M, Frobe A, Klarica M. (1995) Physiological characteristics of some monoamine metabolites in cat cerebrospinal fluid. Croatica Chemica Acta 68, 511-520. IF=0.713


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14. Orešković D**, Klarica M, Vukić M. (2002) The formation and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid inside the cat brain ventricles: a fact or an illusion?. Neuroscience Letters 327, 103-106.



15. Orešković D**, Klarica M, Vukić M, Maraković J. (2003) Evaluation of ventriculo-cisternal perfusion model as a method to study cerebrospinal fluid formation. Croatian Med J 44, 161-164.



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17. Orešković D**, Vukić M, Klarica M, Bulat M. (2005) The investigation of CSF formation by ventriculo-aqueductal perfusion method in cats. Acta Neuroshirurgica (Suppl) 95, 433-436.



18. Klarica M. Radoš M, Draganić P, Erceg G, Orešković D, Maraković J, Bulat M. (2006) Effect of head position on cerebrospinal fluid pressure in cats: comparison with artificial model. Croat Med J 47, 233-238.



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IF = 8.842


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26. Petošić A, Ivančević B, Svilar D, Štimac T, Paladino J, Orešković D, Jurjević I, Klarica M (2011) Methods for measuring acoustic power of an ultrasonic neurosurgical device. Coll Antropol 35 (Suppl 1) 107-113.



27. Hranilović, D., Blažević , S., Ivica, N., Čičin-Šain, L, Orešković D. (2011) The effects of the perinatal treatment with 5-hydroxytryptophan or tranylcypromine on the peripheral and central serotonin homeostasis in adult rats. Neurochem. Int. 59: 202-207, 2011.

IF = 3.601


28. Orešković D,** Klarica M. (2011) Development of hydrocephalus and classical hypothesis of cerebrospinal fluid hydrodynamics: facts and illusions. Progress in Neurobiology 94: 238-258.

IF = 9,966


29. Jurjević I, Maraković J, Chudy D, Klarica M, Froebe A, Orešković D.** (2011) Dependence of cerebrospinal fluid pressure and volume on the changes of serum osmolarity in cats. Acta Neuroch (prihvaćeno za tisak)



30. Kuzman T, Jurjević I, Mandac I, Radoš M, Orešković D, Jednačak H, Klarica M (2011) The effect of body position on intraocular and CSF pressures in the lateral ventricle, cortical and lumbar subarachnoid spaces in cats. Acta Neuroch (prihvaćeno za tisak)


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