Leo Frkanec

Leo Frkanec

Prof. Dr.

Scientific Adviser / Full Professor
Head of laboratory
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Krilo 4/13B

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička cesta 54
HR-10000 Zagreb


1975. – 1979. High school, II. Gymnasium, Zagreb , Croatia

1979. – 1986. Study of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb , Croatia.

22.01.1986. B. Sc. Degree: “Extraction of Molibdenum(VI) with 3-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-1-(4-Tolyl)-4-Piridone”, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Supervisor: Prof. B. Tamhina

1986. – 1991. Postgraduate study of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

21.06. 1991. M. Sc. degree :, “Artificial Molecular Receptors and Carriers for Amino Acids and Peptides. Peptide Derivatives of Aza Crown Ethers.”, Supervisors: Prof. M. Zinic and Prof. V. Skaric.

11. 02. 2000. Ph. D. degree: “Molecular Recognition of Amino Acids and Dipeptides by Peptidic Derivatives of Aza Crown Ethers, Cryptands and Calixarenes”, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Supervisor: Prof. M. Zinic

01. Oct. 2003 - 30. Sep. 2004. Postdoctoral fellowship: - Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology, postdoctoral fellowship at University College Dublin (Ireland), with Prof. Dr. Raphael Darcy on project: ‘New Genocomplexes - application of recent advances in the supramolecular chemistry of cyclodextrins to the synthesis of novel constructs for ultimate use in gene delivery'

Specific research interests

supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly and self-organization, molecular recognition


DAAD: "Gelation properties of chiral bis(amino acid) and bis(amino alcohol)-oxalamides studied by experimental and computational NMR spectroscopy", (2016-2018), Principal Investigator: dr. sc. Leo Frkanec. 

Supramolecular Synthesis of Self-Assembled Functional Nanomaterials and Complex Chemical SystemsCroatian Science Foundation (HrZZ, 2014), Principal Investigator: Dr. Leo Frkanec

CMST COST Action CM1304: "Emergence and Evolution of Complex Chemical Systems", from 2013. Management Committee Member: Prof. Leo Frkanec

"Self-Assembly in gels and synthesis of functional hybrid materials", funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia, from 2013. Principal Investigator: Dr. Leo Frkanec

“Organogelatori funkcionalizirani ksantenskim  fluorescentnim bojama: priprava pH i fotoaktivnih gelova kao novih  funkcionalnih materijala nastalih supramolekulskim  samoudruživanjem molekula gelatora”, Principal Investigator: Dr. Leo Frkanec, the Foundation of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU), 2007.


University of Rijeka, Department of Biotechnology, Master Studies, Pharmaceutical Research and Development; Medicinal Chemistry

  • IRL107 Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications, prof. dr. Leo Frkanec

University of Rijeka, Department of Biotechnology, Graduate (PhD) studies of Medicinal Chemistry

  • DSMK 201 Synthesis of natural compounds and design synthetic enzymes, Prof. Dr. Mladen Žinić and Prof. Dr. Leo Frkanec
  • DSMK 501 Supramolecular and Bioorganic Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Mladen Žinić and Prof. Dr. Leo Frkanec

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Doctoral Study of Chemistry

  • 201 Organic Stereochemistry, Prof. Dr. Mladen Žinić and Dr. Leo Frkanec
  • 254 Supramolecular Chemistry,  Prof. Dr. Mladen Žinić and Dr. Leo Frkanec

Featured Publications

  1. N. Galić, N. Burić, R. Tomaš, L. Frkanec, V. Tomišić, "Synthesis and cation binding properties of fluorescent calix[4]arene derivatives bearing tryptophan units at the lower rim",Supramol. Chem.23(2011) ; 389-397.
  2. V. Čaplar, L. Frkanec, N. Šijaković Vujičić, M. Žinić, "Positionally Isomeric Organic Gelators: Structure-Gelation Study, Racemic versus Enantiomeric Gelators, and Solvation Effects",Chem. Eur. J.16(2010) 3066-3082.
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