Published: 10/03/2017 2:13 pm

SESAME Net - New opportunity for Croatian companies

Within the framework of the European research project SESAME Net, whose partner is Ruđer Bošković Institute, Centre for informatics and computing, from Zagreb, a network of supercomputer centers from across Europe has developed “HPC4SME Assessment Tool”, a tool to enable companies to assess their own potential for the use of supercomputer simulations

In a few steps the company can verify, without any charge, whether it can benefit from the use of supercomputer technologies (HPC or High Performance Computing). Many companies are not aware of the opportunities that HPC technologies could have. Most entrepreneurs consider that these technologies are reserved just for large enterprises with extensive budgets for research and development and a large number of scientific employees/collaborators. During last years, the way of providing HPC services changed in a way that allows also small and medium-sized enterprises access to relatively expensive hardware and software with »pay as you go« method.

Many worldwide and European companies from different sectors are successfully embracing HPC technology and managed to create real examples of success stories. There are variety of areas, where HPC services can bring many benefits: ranging from foundries, manufacturers of plastic products, design studios or financial analysts. Many European and national calls stimulate the use of HPC in small and medium-sized enterprises since there is evidence that the investment in this area return by a factor of at least 10.

The only thing that company has to do is to join the community and to fill the questionnaire. On the basis of the given answers assessment process automatically generates a valuable assessment report, positioning the company, listing the strengths and weaknesses of using HPC, together with a set of recommendations how to improve its potential. During and after the assessment process there is available assistance from the SESAME Net partners to the entrepreneur: in the form of a personal mentoring, on-line technical forum, training materials and consulting on current tenders for co-funding opportunities.

All this for FREE, for those who will take the assessment process by the end of March 2017!

Do it for free today:!


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