A combined computational chemistry and mass spectrometry approach for improved detection of endogenous metabolites in living organisms

Principal Investigator: Borislav Kovačević

The project is aimed at the development of novel tools for structural elucidation of bioactive metabolites in biological samples, in order to improve understanding of experimental results from mass spectrometry measurements of biological metabolites by tools of computational chemistry. Specifically, the study has two main objectives:

  1. Structural characterization of vitamin D metabolites and structural epimers in chronic liver disease.
  2. Determination of new variants of toxic microcystin secondary metabolites from cyanobacteria.

Expected results of this project are a new techniques developed for structural elucidation and confirmation of unknown, bioactive molecules.

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MultiCaST Work Packages scheme

A multidisciplinary approach to discover selective drugs targeting cancer stem cells: The role of potassium transport - MultiCaST

Principal Investigator: Marijeta Kralj

The main goal of the proposed research is to understand cancer stem cell (CSC) biology and to develop novel CSC-directed compounds. We will strive to elucidate the molecular basis of potassium ion transport involvement in CSC-phenotype acquisition, modulation and targeting and identify key mechanisms of these processes as novel biomarkers for improved diagnostic options and innovative mechanism-based therapeutic approaches.

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Adhesion of liposomes at electrode

Principal Investigator: Nadica Ivošević DeNardis

Proposed project is based on the application of electrochemicial method and the theoretical model in study of adhesion mechanism of liposome at the charged electrode. Results would contribute to the better understanding of fundamental processes important for vesicular transport (intra and extracellualr) and reaction of cell membrane on environmental stress.

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Alzheimer's disease - the role of cholesterol on processing and localization of APP-family members

Alzheimer's disease - the role of cholesterol on processing and localization of APP-family members

Principal Investigator: Silva Katušić Hećimović

This project aims to analyze whether the molecular mechanisms of the cholesterol effect on APP and amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) may involve APP-family members, APLP1 and APLP2.  We will elucidate whether cholesterol affects processing of APLP1 and APLP2, like APP, and whether the cholesterol effect on APP is mediated by APLP1/2-regulated trafficking of APP.

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