The Technical Cooperation Program of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

The Technical Cooperation Program is one of the most significant activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency inVienna, with the active participation of its member countries. Providing assistance in the form of printed materials, professional services or equipment, and facilities for the research, development and practical applications of atomic energy for peaceful purposes are key statutory functions of the IAEA.  This is achieved through technical assistance programs to developing countries or through research projects for specific institutions, in which several such institutions from various countries can participate in Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs). TheRepublic of Croatia participates in the Technical Cooperation Program of the IAEA through technical cooperation as well as regional and research projects.

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Enhancement of Ion Beam Analysis Capabilities Using Novel Detection Systems for PIXE, RBS and STIM

Principal Investigator: Stjepko Fazinić

This project is part of the IAEA Coordinated Research programme (CRP) on Micro-analytical Techniques Based on Nuclear Spectrometry for Environmental Monitoring and Material Studies.

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Measurements of Proton Induced γ-Ray Emission (PIGE) differential cross sections for selected light elements

Principal Investigator: Ivančica Bogdanović Radović

This project is part of the Coordinated Research project “Assessment of Nuclear Data Needs for Particle Induced Gamma Ray Emission (PIGE)”

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