Dual beam irradiation and RBS Channeling

After installation of the second accelerator at RBI facility, it become possible to work on experiments and applications that require simultaneous irradiation by two beams.  Duel beam irradiation chamber is installed at -30 degree beam line of he Tandem van de Graaff accelerator and +10 degree line of the Tandetron accelerator.

For the irradiation purposes, beam from the 6.0 MV tandem is collimated to rectangular area by adjustable slits having maximum opening of 5 mm. Ion beam from the 1.0 MV tandem is collimated by circular interchangeable apertures of 1, 3 and 5 mm.


Sample holder is of circular shape with diameter of 2.5 cm. All samples have to be positioned within this holder and therefore their maximum number depends on the size of individual samples.

Samples are positioned by motorized xyz stage and three-axis goniometer. The scattering chamber is also equipped with the RBS detector and possibility to mount an x-ray detector for PIXE as well. Computer controlled goniometer allows performance of RBS channelling experiments to study structure of mono-crystalline samples. By positioning the beam into the channelling direction, while exposing the sample by the beam from the second accelerator, radiation damage can be observed on-line and quantified by correlation to ion beam fluence. 

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