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Unravelling the complexity of microbial dynamics in invaded seagrass meadows

Seagrasses are among the most valuable biological systems on Earth. They serve as feeding and nursery habitat for many species; their root and rhizome systems bind and stabilize bottom sediments while leaves baffle currents and improve water quality.

Principal investigator: Mirjana Najdek Dragić

Assessment of Adriatic Algae Potential in Co-generation Production of 3rd Generation Biofuel

The main objective of the proposed project is to create a scientific basis forculturing of Adriatic microalgae on industrial wastewater and to evaluate capacity of INA-oil rafinery plant' wastewaters as a  basis for co-generative production of 3rd generation biofuels.

Principal investigator: Maria Blažina

Picoplankton function and diversity along Northern Adriatic trophic gradients (PICOADRIF)

Maintenance and preservation of high quality water resources and biological diversity directly having an effect on tourism, fisheries and aquaculture are major tools of socio-economic improvement of the Croatian coastal management.

Principal investigator: Maria Blažina

Uncovering composition and diversity of marine picophytoplankton in northern Adriatic coastal waters

Our knowledge of the diversity of picoplankton is very limited for the Adriatic Sea, so developing methods for assessing and monitoring their ecology and diversity is essential for understanding their contribution in food web dynamics and biochemical cycles.

Biodiversity and biotechnological characterization of bacteria of the Adriatic Sea

Oceans are very complex ecosystem in which microorganisms play an important role in biogeochemical processes and in the cycling of matter.

Principal investigator: Sandi Orlić

Seasonal changes in picoplankton composition in the Northern Adriatic Sea as assessed by CARD-FISH and fingerprinting

The picoplankton, composed of Bacteria and Archaea, plays a significant role in marine food webs and in most biogeochemical cycles in marine systems.

Principal investigator: Sandi Orlić

Functional analyssis and molecular characterization of yeast

Wine production as a biotechnological process is based on traditional alcohol fermentation technology, where different yeast species have main role. Application of modern molecular techniques, such as analysis on the level of genome, transcriptome and proteome, enables determination of their phylogenetic linkage and physiological activity.

Principal investigator: Sandi Orlić

Structure and physiology of microbial community in northern Adriatic frontal zones

During the last fifteen years in the northern Adriatic, changes in hydrological regime and exchange of water masses were noticed, as well as an increased frequency of mucilage events. This phenomenon is related to the organic carbon cycle, being favoured when expressed horizontal and vertical gradients occur.

Principal investigator: Mirjana Najdek Dragić

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