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Highlights of the recent research results


Highlights of the recent research results:

Cover page New Journal of Chemistry, Volume 41, Number 22, November 2017.Dijana Saftić et. al. "Impact of linker between triazolyluracil and phenanthrid...

Cover page New Journal of Chemistry, Volume 41, Number 22, November 2017.

Dijana Saftić et. al. "Impact of linker between triazolyluracil and phenanthridine on recognition of DNA and RNA. Recognition of uracil-containing RNA"

RSC Advances, 6, 2016, 83044
RSC advances

Good overlap of the standard DPP III substrate Arg-Arg-2NA (magenta) and the most efficient novel inhibitor (guanidiniocarbonyl-pyrrole - pyrene conjugate, blue-red) in DPP III binding site.

Anal. Chim. Acta (2016) accepted.
  • Novel dyes emit fluorescence only for poly rA even at high excess of all other ss-RNA
  • fluorescence response for AT-DNA is 8 times stronger than for GC-DNA
  • florescence induced by ds-RNA is 20 % stronger that emission induced by ds-DNA
  • intrinsically non-chiral, dyes show strong and characteristic ICD response for poly Ru


Org. Biomol. Chem., 14, (2016), 4865

The α-hydrazino group in peptide systematically decreased its fluorimetric response to DNA/RNA binding in line: mono-hydrazino<alternating-hydrazino< sequential-hydrazino. Two sequential α-hydrazino3specific for poly rG.


Curr. Protein & Peptide Sci. 17 (2016) 127.

“Advances in peptide-based DNA/RNA-intercalators” 

Org. Biomol. Chem., 13, (2015), 1629.

DNA-targeting dye exhibited pH-dependent selectivity toward AT-(pH 7) or GC- (pH 5), accompanied by fluorimetric (pH 5) and ICD (pH 7) recognition. 

Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 10, (2014), 2175.

Chirooptical (ICD) recognition of AT-DNA sequences among other ds-DNA/RNA (ICD inactive) as well as ss-DNA-dT (lacking ICD band 350 nm) was reported only by DBTAA-propyl-adenine conjugates, but not DBTAA analogues with longer linkers or referent DBTAA lacking adenine.

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