Laboratory for Green Synthesis

Laboratory for Green Synthesis

Laboratory for Green Synthesis is dedicated to developing mechanochemical and solvent-free procedures for the synthesis of various classes of functional materials, from supramolecular receptors and organic compounds, to microporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and organometallic catalysts or chromogenic sensors.

Furthermore, we are focused on developing new methodologies for in situ monitoring of milling and aging reactions by synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy and thermal methods. We have active collaborations with scientific groups from around the world (McGill University, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, ESRF Grenoble, BAM Berlin, DESY Hamburg).

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Laboratory for Green Synthesis (LGS) was founded in 2016 as a part of Division of Physical Chemistry. The scientific focus of the LGS is mostly in developing new, solvent-free procedures for synthesis and transformations of different functional materials, from pharmaceutical cocrystals and metal-organic frameworks to pure inorganic materials and nanoparticles. Furthermore, we are interested in phenomena related to mechanochemistry, accelerated aging and in the manipulation of solids by thermal methods.

At this moment, LGS has three projects from Croatian Science Foundation, one project of Adris foundation and ongoing collaboration with pharmaceutical industry.

Important part of our studies is development of instrumentation and software for direct and in situ methods for monitoring of mechanochemical and aging reactions. For his contribution in the field, Dr Ivan Halasz was awarded with The Annual State Award for Science in 2015.

Ivan Halasz

research associate
+385 1 457 1217

Krunoslav Užarević
dr. sc.

Senior Research Associate
Head of Laboratory for Green Synthesis
+385 1 457 1217
1295 1432

Manda Ćurić

Senior Research Associate
+385 1 468 0097
1295 1432

Marina Juribašić Kulcsar

research associate
+385 1 457 1217
1295 1432

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Hot article; Article highlighted on the inner cover of the issue.

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Hot article; Highlighted as inner cover of the issue.

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2016.–2019. Croatian Science Foundation Starting Grant "Mechanochemical reactivity under controlled temperature and atmosphere for clean synthesis of functional materials", PI dr. sc. Krunoslav Užarević. (UIP-2014-09-4744)

2015.-2019. Croatian Science Foundation Investigator Grant, "Green synthesis of organopalladium photosensitizers", PI dr. sc. Manda Ćurić.

2015.-2016. Bilateral project with BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany "Simultaneous synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and Raman spectroscopy monitoring of mechanochemical reactions in situ and in real time", PIs dr. sc. Krunoslav Užarević and dr. sc. Franciska Emmerling (BAM Berlin).

2014.-2016. FP-7-People-NEWFELPRO Fellowship, Grant 62, for research in the Friščić Group,  McGill University, Montreal, Canada. PI Krunoslav Užarević

2014.-2016. Bilateral project with Slovenija , "Tri pristupa sintezi dipaladiranih azobenzena s fosfinskim bočnim ligandima", PIs dr. sc. Marina Juribašić Kulcsar i dr. sc. Primož Šket. 

2014. Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (BICRO) project „Development of solvent-free synthesis of pharmaceutically active ingredient“, PI dr. sc. Ivan Halasz (PoC-11-5). 

2014-2015. Grant of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts for project “Development of Raman spectroscopic methodology for direct and in situ monitoring of mechanochemical reactions". PI dr. sc. Krunoslav Užarević.

2012-2013 EU-FP7-Project "East-NMR" for NMR Access to SLONMR-NIC , "NMR Study of Pd(II) and Pt(II) Cyclometallated Complexes of Azobenzenes", Group leader for access to NMR facility dr. sc. Manda Ćurić (Grant number 228461P, EU FP7 ).

2010-2013. Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Grant "Design, synthesis and properties of organic ligands and their metal complexes", PI dr. sc. Manda Ćurić. (br. projekta 098-0982915-2960)

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