Tarzan Legović

Tarzan Legović


Full professor, scientific advisor
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Ciklotronsko krilo 2/15C

Institute R. Bošković, POB 180,
Bijenička 54,
HR-10 002 Zagreb,


Graduated in mathematics and physics, University of Rijeka, 1973.

MSc obtained in mathematical ecology, University of Toronto, Canada, 1976.

PhD  obtained in theoretical physics (ecological modeling), University of Zagreb, 1980.

Head of laboratories for ecological modeling at ETH/EAWAG, Zűrich-Dubendorf, Switzerland, 1981 and Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, SAD.1985-87.


MSES: Ecological modelling for sustainable management of resources, 098-0982934-2719

Awards and Achievements

 Žutić V. and Legović T. State award "R. Bošković" for prominent scientific discovery, 1990.


Invited teacher in ecological modeling, ecosystem control, applied mathematics and data analysis (in total 48 courses) at 16 universities in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

Organized 32 international conferences and held over 150 invited lectures.

I currently teach ecological modeling at the universities of Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split, and biostatistics at the universities of Zagreb and Osijek.

Featured Publications

Some recent publications:

Legović T. and Geček S., Impact of maximum sustainable yield on independent populations.

  Ecological Modelling, 221 (2010), 2108-2111.

Legović T., Klanjšček J. and Geček S., Maximum sustainable yield and species extinction in

  ecosystems. Ecological Modelling, 221 (2010), 1569-1574.

Geček, S., Legović, T., Towards carrying capacity assessment for aquaculture in the Bolinao Bay,

  Philippines: A numerical study of tidal circulation. Ecol. Model. 221 (2010) ; 1394-1412.

Jusup M., Klanjšček J., Petricioli D., Legović T. Predicting aquaculture-derived benthic organic

  enrichment: Model validation. Ecol. Model., 220 (2009), 2407-2414.

Legović T. Palerud R., Christensen G., White P. and Regpala R. A model to estimate

  aquaculture carrying capacity in three areas of the Philippines. J of Pure and Appl. Sciences,

  20(2008), 31-40.

Legović T. Adriatic Sea: Impact of the demersal fishery and evidence of the Volterra principle to

  the extreme. Ecol. Model., 212 (2008), 68-73.

Klanjšček J. and Legović T. Is anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus, L.) overfished in the Adriatic

  Sea?, Ecol. Model., 201 (2007), 312-316.

Legović T. The Exclusive Economic Zone - a first step toward sustainable management of marine

  ecosystems Croatian International Relations Review, 9 (2003) Dossier, 35-39.

Legović T., Janeković I., Viličić D., Petricioli D., Smoljan Z. Effects of freshwater release to a

  marine bay. J. of Environ. Sci. and Health, A38 (2003), 1411-1420.

Legović T, Prediction of seawater quality around the island of Rab (Adriatic Sea), Ecol. Model.,

  160 (2003) 131-143.

Geček S. and Legović T. Nutrients and grazing in modelling the deep chlorophyll maximum,

  Ecological Modelling, 138 (2001) 143-152.

Klanjšček T. and Legović T. Towards a closed life support system for long interplanetary

  missions, Ecol. Model., 138 (2001) 41-54.

Membership in professional associations / societies

Secretary General, International Society for Ecological Modelling

Member, Advisory Board, Croatian biophysical society

Member, Croatian society for simulation modelling