Tomislav Šmuc

Tomislav Šmuc


+385 1 456 1085



Senior scientist

Krilo 1/105

Bijenička 54. Zagreb


PhD - Electrical engineering, 1994, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb.

MSc - Electrical Engineering 1991, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb.

BSc - Electrical Engineering 1986, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb.

Research Areas

Bioinformatics, Information Systems, Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence


  • Machine Learning of Predictive Models in Computational Biology
  • e-LICO:  An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Science


Machine Learning (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Zagreb)

Featured Publications

  1. Supek, F; Škunca, N; Repar, J; Vlahoviček, K; Šmuc,T. “Translational Selection Is Ubiquitous in Prokaryotes”, PLOS Genetics, 6 (6): Art. No. e1001004 JUN 2010.
  2. Supek, F; Šmuc, T, “On Relevance of Codon Usage to Expression of Synthetic and Natural Genes in Escherichia coli”, Genetics, 185 (3): 1129-1134 JUL 2010.
  3. Gredičak, M; Supek, F; Kralj, M, Majer, Z; Hollosi, M; Šmuc, T; Mlinarić-Majerski, K; Horvat, Š. Computational structure-activity study directs synthesis of novel antitumor enkephalin analogs. Amino Acids. 38 (2010) , -; 1185-1191
  4. Supek F, Peharec P, Krsnik-Rasol M, Šmuc T,"Enhanced analytical power of SDS-PAGE using machine learning algorithms, Proteomics, 8 (1): 28-31 JAN 2008.
  5. Malenica, M, Šmuc, T, Šnajder, J, Dalbelo-Bašić, B.”Language morphology offset: Text classification on a Croatian-English parallel corpus”, INFORMATION PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT, 44 (1): 325-339 JAN 2008.
  6. Šmuc, T: “Sensitivity of Differential Evolution Algorithm to Values of Control Parameters”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Arabnia, H.R.; Mun, Y. (ed.). USA : CSREA Press,2002. 1087-1093.
  7. Šmuc, T: “Improving Convergence Properties of the Differential Evolution Algorithm”, Proceedings of the MENDEL 2002 - 8th International Conference on Soft Computing, Maotušek, R.; Ošmera, P. (ed.). Brno, 2002. 80-86
  8. Trontl, K; Šmuc, T; Pevec, D”Support vector regression model for the estimation of gamma-ray buildup factors for multi-layer shields”, Annals of Nuclear Energy, 34 (12): 939-952 DEC 2007.
  9. Šmuc, T; Pevec, D; Petrovic, B, ”Annealing Strategies for Loading Pattern Optimization”, Annals of Nuclear Energy, 21 (6): 325-336 JUN 1994

Membership in professional associations / societies

IEEE Computer Society

ENS - European Nuclear Society

HNS - Croatian Nucelar Society