Vuko Brigljević

Vuko Brigljević

Senior Scientist, Associate Professor
+385 1 457 1318


Krilo 2/128-C1

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička cesta 54
10000 Zagreb


  • 1999, PhD in physics, ETH Zurich (Švicarska)
  • 1993, Diploma in physics, ETH Zurich (Švicarska)


  • SCOPES project "Exploiting the LHC potential for building cooperation in science and technology" of the Swiss National Science Foundation

Awards and Achievements

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) FY2002 Science and Technology Award (with LLNL BaBar team for outstanding scientific and technical contributions to the discovery of CP-violation in the B-Meson System)


Current teaching activities

  • Method of statistical data analysis in particle physics, graduate studies in physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Featured Publications

  • Chatrchyan, al. (The CMS Collaboration), Measurement of Wgamma and Zgamma production in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV, Physics letters. B (0370-2693) 701 (2011), 5; 535-555
  • Chatrchyan, al. (The CMS Collaboration), Measurement of W+W− production and search for the Higgs boson in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV, Physics Letters B. 699 (2011) , 1-2; 25-47
  • V. Brigljevic, D. Ferencek, S. Morovic, M. Planinic, S. Beauceron, S. Ganjour, G. Hamel de Monchenault, S. Mele, A. Oh, B.J. Huckvale, C.K. Mackay, P.R. Hobson, Study of di-boson production with the CMS detector at LHC,J. Phys.G34(2007) N269.
  • BABAR Collaboration, B. Aubert  et. al., Observation of CP violation in the B  meson system,Phys. Rev. Lett.87 (2001) 091801.
  •  BABAR Collaboration, B. Aubertet al., A study of time dependent CP-violating asymmetries and flavor oscillations in neutral B decays at the U(4S),Phys. Rev.D66(2002) 032003.
  •  BABAR Collaboration, B. Auberte. al, Measurement of the CP-violating asymmetry amplitude sin 2b,Phys. Rev. Lett.89(2002) 201802.
  • BABAR Collaboration, B. Aubert et. al, Measurement of branching fractions for exclusive B decays to charmonium final states,Phys. Rev.D65(2002) 032001.
  • CMS Trigger and Data Acquisition Group Collaboration, W. Adamet al., The CMS high level trigger,Eur. Phys. J.C46(2006) 605.