Knowledge discovery and representation

Division of Electronics

Division of electronics is a part of Rudjer Boskovic Institute oriented towards research in the fields of computing.


Moira Španović

+385 1 468 0114

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Division of electronics is a part of Rudjer Boskovic Institute oriented towards research in the fields of computing, in particular machine and representation learning, extended by information and signal processing, addressing diverse modalities and combinations of data, information, signals and knowledge representations.

Our research is devoted to improving research and empowering new technologies with autonomous/large-scale discovery capabilities in different domains of science, society and industry. The power of our techniques is enhanced through the use of cutting-edge technologies for distributed, high performance computing.

  • Analysis of stochastic signals, time series and data structures
  • Advanced measurement systems and signal processing techniques
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Development of machine learning algorithms and their applications in data mining and knowledge discovery tasks. 

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Amir Dubravić

+385 1 456 0985
099 667 0702

Branka Medved Rogina

Senior Research Associate
+385 1 468 0090

Ivan Michieli

senior scientist
+385 1 456 1023

Rajko Horvat

+385 1 456 1159

Strahil Ristov

senior associated researcher
+385 1 456 1029

Computational Intelligence Methods in Measurement Systems

Glavni istraživač / voditelj: Tomislav Šmuc

The goal of the project is to investigate the possibilities of development and application of the artificial intelligence methods and machine learning techniques in measurement systems ranging from the development of simple models to the synthesis of sophisticated measurement procedures and smart instruments capable not only to execute simple commands but to perform rather complex tasks. The research will be focused on algorithms and methods for reducing the processing time and the complexity of measurement procedures and for increasing the accuracy, flexibility and the reliability of both embedded and distributed measurement systems.

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