Machine learning of predictive models in computational biology

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Znanstveni projekti Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i športa

The unique methodological objective of the project will generate solutions within a three problem areas: (i) annotation of poorly characterized protein sequences to known structural or functional categories; (ii) improvements in the reliability and applicability of the experimental techniques of gel electrophoresis  (iii) integration of heterogeneous data from different stages of the process of developing new anticancer drugs.
The developed algorithms, and methodologies, potentially have wider application in other areas of biology or bio-sciences. Concrete results will be used in two ways: as a publicly available models in the targeted web services, or for directing researchers to design experiments with hypotheses generated by the characterization of the developed models. 

Project leader / principal investigator

Tomislav Šmuc, PhD

Senior scientist +385 1 456 1085
Tomislav Šmuc


Marijeta Kralj (IRB)
Biserka Kojić-Prodić (IRB)
Biljana Balen (PMF)
Fran Supek (IRB)
Nino-Antulov Fantulin (IRB)