Enhancement of Ion Beam Analysis Capabilities Using Novel Detection Systems for PIXE, RBS and STIM

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Program tehničke suradnje Međunarodne agencije za atomsku energiju (IAEA)

 The goal of this project is to enhance the existing ion beam analytical methods by introduction of modern state-of-the-art detection systems. Within the project the new end station for ion beam analysis will be upgraded. In addition, experimental capabilities for measurements of high resolution characteristic x-rays will be improved, and new gas ionization detector hor heavy ion backscattering will be installed and tested.

Project leader / principal investigator
Stjepko Fazinić

Stjepko Fazinić, dr. sc.

senior research associate +385 1 457 1254


RBI is one of the 15 participants from 15 countries involved in this CRP, working jointly on the common subject related to the development and utilization of micro-analytical techniques based on nuclear spectrometry methods for environmental monitoring and material studies. 


Expected extension for the third year (tentatively from 13.5.2012. until 13.5.2013.)