Tatjana Antonić Jelić

Tatjana Antonić Jelić

Ph. D.

research associate
+385 1 468 0236


Krilo 10/207

Division of Materials Chemistry
Ruder Boskovic Institute
PO Box 180
10 002 Zagreb


  • 1991 Zagreb Faculty of Technology University of Zagreb, Croatia

          Chemical Engineering

  • 1994  Zagreb Faculty of Science University of Zagreb, Croatia

          Physical Chemistry, Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

  • 1998 Zagreb Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

          Physical Chemistry, Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry

Membership in professional associations / societies

Member of International Zeolite Association (IZA)

Secretary of Croatian Zeolite Association (CROZA)

Member of Croatian Chemical Society (CCS)

Member of Croatian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)

Member of Croatian Nuclear Society (CNS)


Member of organizing committee and editor of Proceedings, 3rd Croatian-Slovenian symposium on zeolites 2010

Member of scientific board and editor of Proceedings, 4th Slovenian-Croatian symposium on zeolites 2011