Fluorescence spectrophotometer Agilent Eclipse

Agilent Eclipse with the temperature control

Fluorescence spectrophotometer Agilent Eclipse with the Xenon arc light source.

Additional accesories:
Peltier holder for 4 cuvettes
Magnetic stirring
Temperature control in the range -10 – 150°C  with 0,05°C accuracy.
Cuvettes with optical path: 0,1 mm; 0,2 mm; 1 mm; 2 mm; 10 mm

Terms of use:
Time reservation upon agreement with the responsible person. 
 Recording of the usage time obligatory.

Price (per hour)

For Ruđer Bošković Institute employees                                                                    5,00 kn/h

For users within Croatian Ministry of Science Education and Sports system                  7,14 kn/h

For users outside Croatian MSES                                                                          264,29 kn/h

Location of the instrument:
IV. wing, room 1c


Lidija-Marija Tumir

Lidija-Marija Tumir, dr. sc.

Research associate +385 1 457 1220
Ivo Piantanida

Ivo Piantanida, dr. sc.

senior scientist +385 1 457 1326
Ivo Crnolatac

Ivo Crnolatac, dr.sc.

Research associate +385 1 457 1326