Laboratory for Protein Biochemistry and Molecular Modelling

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Mihaela Matovina

Research Associate
+385 1 457 1223
1292 1205

Sanja Tomić
dr. sc.

senior scientist
+385 1 457 1251

Elucidation of the physiological roles of human dipeptidyl peptidase III

The aim of this project is to elucidate the physiological roles, and disease relevance of DPP III by determining its interactors through the combined use of different molecular biology approaches

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human DPP III

Flexibility, activity and structure correlations in the dipeptidyl peptidase III family, (FlAcS, ID:7235)

Glavni istraživač / voditelj: Sanja Tomić

Within the project frame we intend to investigate diversity in evolutionary conserved metallopeptidase family M49 (DPP III family) through characterization of catalytic, structural and dynamical properties of its members.

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