Host-Guest Interactions in Polycyclic Systems

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Znanstveni projekti Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i športa
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Investigations proposed in this research project will cover synthesis of novel polycyclic compounds of norbornane type, possessing two or three functional groups, with precise geometrical positions. The physical, chemical and photophysical properties of newly prepared molecules will be investigated. Study of their interactions with ions and neutral organic molecules will be especially important, with the aim of selective molecular recognition, charge and energy transfer. In order to achieve this goal, we intend to use modern, environmentally more acceptable chemical reactions (under high pressure, using microwave heating and solid state reactions). Experimental work will be complemented with molecular design and quantum-chemical calculations of mechanisms of non-covalent interactions, giving a special attention on the study selectivity, electronic and molecular structure of products and complexes.

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Davor Margetić

Davor Margetić, Ph. D.

Senior scientist +385 1 468 0197


Zoran Glasovac

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