Published: 24/07/2009 12:37 pm

Macedonian Experts Visited RBI

A delegation of experts from the National Conservation Centre of Macedonian National Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage from Skopje, led by the Director of National Centre Mr. Behixhudin Shehabi, visited the Ruđer Bošković Institute yesterday. Macedonian representatives were accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Croatian Conservation Institute Mr. Mario Braun. The distinguished guests met with the Chairman of the RBI Scientific Council Nevenko Bilić, PhD, who welcomed them on behalf of the RBI Director Danica Ramljak, DVM, PhD.

Makedonski stručnjaci posjetili IRB

Makedonski stručnjaci posjetili IRB

The purpose of this meeting was to exchange information and experiences as well as to enhance cooperation on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regional projects - 'Nuclear Techniques for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Artefacts in the Mediterranean Region' and 'Using Nuclear Techniques for the Characterisation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Artefacts in the European Region'.

After the meeting Mr. Behixhudin Shehabi, Ms. Svetlana Mamučevski-Miljković and Ms. Ljuljzima Prusi Agai visited the Laboratory for Ion Beam Interactions (DEP), the Laboratory for Measurements of Low-level Radioactivity (DEP) and the Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Dosimetry (DMC).