FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Urinary/Gall Calculi


The infrared spectroscopy (IR) and X-ray powder diffraction have been found to be reliable and very useful methods for determination of the composition of human urinary and gall calculi. Application of both methods for the analysis of human urinary stones started in 1967 at the Rudjer Bošković Institute. IR spectroscopy was first applied for stone analysis in 1955 using Nujol technique. The use of potassium bromide pressed disk technique overcame some of the major shortcomings of the Nujol mull and nowdays IR spectroscopy is widely used for the analysis of urinary calculi. Urolithiasis is nowdays a relative common disease and the knowledge about the composition of urinary calculi is important for the further treatment of patients and the recommendation of adequate diet. The results of the composition of urinary calculi analyzed by infrared spectroscopy are used for statistical treatment regarding sex, age and the residence of the patients by the region of the Republic of Croatia. Since 1967 about 18600 urinary calculi have been analyzed by IR spectroscopy in our Department.


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