Development of novel supramolecular ionogels for advanced electrolytes

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The aim of the proposed project is to develop novel supramolecular ionogels with superior properties; high ionic conductivity, good thermal and mechanical stability by the gelation of commercial imidazolium based ionic liquids by recently synthesised oxalamide gelators.

Ionic liquids (ILs) are purely ionic, salt-like materials, which are by definition liquids below 100 oC. Their unique properties, such as non-volatility, non-flammability, chemical and thermal stability, high ionic conductivity and wide electrochemical window make them prospective candidates for electrolytes in many electrochemical devices. However, a potential disadvantage of ILs in the application is their relatively high fluidity which can result in leakage, and consequently, the malfunction and damage to the devices. The objective of this project is to prepare novel gel-electrolytes composed of ILs and supramolecular organogelators that exhibit specific combination of high ionic conductivity and mechanical stability.

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Ana Šantić

Ana Šantić, dr. sc.

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Prof. Dr. Monika Schönhoff, University of Münster, Germany