COST Action CM1201: Biomimetic Radical Chemistry

 COST Action CM1201: Biomimetic Radical Chemistry
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Knowledge of chemical reactivity is essential for understanding at a molecular level the mechanistic steps that drive processes in life sciences. This COST Action aims to enhance the role of chemistry as a central discipline for understanding free radical biological events. This goal will be achieved through the implementation of biomimetic chemical models. Four working groups will focus on: enzymatic activities via free radical species; the formation and fate of free radicals involving nucleic acids; membrane lipids in stress and ageing; and synthetic methodologies inspired by natural free radical processes. The research groups participating in the Action will create an interdisciplinary framework, in which a younger generation of investigators can broaden their expertise by studying the diversity of free radical interactions in biological systems for metabolic, synthetic and catalytic activities through biomimetic models.

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Branka Mihaljević

Branka Mihaljević,

viša znanstvena suradnica +385 1 456 1071

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Chair of the Action: Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu

Croatian Management Committee Members: Dr. Branka Mihaljević, Ivana Tartaro Bujak, Iva Džeba