IAEA TC RER/1/017: "Using Advanced Radiation Technologies for Materials Processing„

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Program tehničke suradnje Međunarodne agencije za atomsku energiju (IAEA)

Radiation technologies, which are pollutant free thus gree technologies play a very imoprtant role in the national economy in Europe. The application of radiation technologies is one of the priority areas in scope of the European Union Framework Programme. Radiation technology has matured over the years, and today industry is expected to be based on green, economical and advanced solutions, regulated by the factors related to safety, quality, energy saving and others. The project is focused on enhancing the socio-economic development of Member States leading to better human health, prosperity and cleaner environment through judicious use of radiation technologies. Tasks: Identification the emerging needs that should be addresed. Validation and control for radiation processing providing the background for understanding te requirements of the international standards with the focus on the dosimetric aspects as required in Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Process Qualification (PQ) and Process Control. Implementation of inter-comparison of dose measuremens among the IAEA Member States. The possibility of synergy with other international programs being implemented in this area. Publication of  the concise report an the status of R&D and industrial applications.

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