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New Functional Materials

Principal investigator

Znanstveni projekti Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i športa
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Laboratory for Molecular Physics and Synthesis of New Materials

Attributing the key role of materials research in the technology advancement has been recognized as crucial for the economic development of modern societies. Materials research has generated countless advances in areas such as electronics, information technologies, automotive and aerospace transportation, biomedicine, energy storage as well as nanotechnologies. The Center’s research unit New Functional Materials (NFM) will be devoted to the synthesis, characterization, simulation and developing of new functional materials for support and implementation of high-tech industries in Croatia. One of the aims of the NFM is to assemble the efforts, integrate people and promote interdisciplinary research of the RBI laboratories in materials science, the sensor research group of the KONČAR – Institute for Electrotechnik, Institute of Physics and Department of Physics of Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb. It is based on the past successful materials research already presented at RBI and partner institutions. The NFM will bring together established leading researchers and prominent young scientists in developing cutting edge ideas in synthesis, characterization and application of new metal oxides, semiconductors, metallic, ceramic, and electronic materials into manufactured products. The tailored materials are intended to boost both basic and applied research. A combination of the chemical and physical approaches is aimed to accelerate the discoveries of new functional materials through innovations in synthesis, measurements, modeling and applications. The CEF is distinguished by the state-of-the-art materials preparation and characterization facilities, dedicated personnel, and a strong commitment to engaging industrial participants in collaborative research. The CEF will also provide enhanced educational initiatives towards the primary goal of fueling economic growth of the Zagreb’s region and collaborate with other materials NFMs of excellence throughout Croatia as it grows. The NFM will also cooperate with researchers outside the academia and establish ties with leading Croatian industries.

Other associates

1. Institut Ruđer Bošković, Lab. za molekulsku fiziku i sinteze novih materijala
Voditelj laboratorija/grupe: M. Ivanda (znanstveni savjetnik), V. Mohaček , M. Gotić, G. Štefanić i S. Ivanković  (viši znanstveni sur.), A. Šarić, T. Jurkin, A. Maksimović, D. Ristić i H. Gebavi   (znanstveni sur.), V. Đerek (znanstveni novak), L. Mikac (stručna suradnica), 1 tehničar, aktivni znanstvenici u mirovini: D. Risović i S. Lugomer (znanstveni savjetnici).

2. Institut Ruđer Bošković, Lab. za sintezu novih materijala
Voditelj grupe M. Ristić (znanstveni savjetnik), Ž. Petrović (znanstveni sur.), M. Marciuš (znanstveni novak), IRB emeritus: S. Musić (znanstveni savjetnik).

3. Institut Ruđer Bošković, Lab. za tanke filmove,
Voditelj laboratorija M. Buljan (viši znanstveni sur.), T. Car (znanstveni sur.), M. Jerčinović (znanstveni novak), tehničar,  aktivni znanstvenik u mirovini: N. Radić (znanstveni savjetnik).

4. Institut Ruđer Bošković, Laboratorij za sintezu i kristalografiju funkcionalnih materijala, Voditelj laboratorija Jasminka Popović,  I. Đerđ (viši znanstveni sur.), Martina Vrankić (viši znanstveni asistent).

5. Ruđer Bošković Institute, Lab. for Molecular Spectroscopy,
Voditelj laboratorija G. Baranović (znanstveni savjetnik), D. Vojta (znanstveni novak).

6. Laboratorij materijala za konverziju energije i senzore, voditelj laboratorija A. Gajović,  M. Plodines (viši asistent),

7. Končar – Institut za elektrotehniku d.d.
Direktor instituta S. Marijan (znanstveni suradnik), D. Vrsaljko (viši asistent), T. Karažija (znanstveni novak), V. Đurina (znanstveni novak).

8. Institut za fiziku
Voditelj grupe D. Starešinić (viši znanstveni suradnik), aktivni znanstvenik u mirovini: M. Očko (znanstveni savjetnik).

9. Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Medicinski fakultet, Zavod za fiziku
Voditelj zavoda  O. Gamulin (docent), M. Balarin (viši znanstveni asistent), M. Kosović (viši  znanstveni asistent).

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