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Marija Pinterić, Iva I. Podgorski, Marijana Popović Hadžija, Ivana Tartaro Bujak, Ana Dekanić, Robert Bagarić, Vladimir Farkaš, Sandra Sobočanec* and Tihomir Balog. Role of Sirt3 in Differential Sex-Related Responses to a High-Fat Diet in Mice (2020) Antioxidants  9;2; 174. 

Marina Musa, Matea Perić, Peter Bou Dib, Sandra Sobočanec, Ana Šarić, Anita Lovrić, Marina Rudan, Andrea Nikolić, Ira Milosević, Kristian Vlahoviček, Nuno Raimundo, Anita Kriško (2018) Heat-induced longevity in budding yeast requires respiratory metabolism and glutathione recycling. Aging-US 

Marija Pinterić, Iva I. Podgorski, Sandra Sobočanec, Marijana Popović Hadžija, Mladen Paradžik, Ana Dekanić, Maja Marinović, Mirna Halasz, Robert Belužić, Grazia Davidović, Andreja Ambriović Ristov, Tihomir Balog (2018) De novo expression of transfected Sirtuin 3 enhances susceptibility 1 of human MCF-7 breast cancer cells to hyperoxia treatment. Free Radical Research 

Marina Rudan, Peter Bou Dib, Marina Musa, Matea Kanunnikau, Sandra Sobočanec, David Rueda, Tobias Warnecke, Anita Kriško (2018) Normal mitochondrial function in Saccharomyces 1 cerevisiae has become dependent on inefficient splicing. eLife

Antonija Perović, Sandra Sobočanec, Sanja Dabelić, Tihomir Balog, Jerka Dumić (2018) Effect of scuba diving on the oxidant / antioxidant status, SIRT1 and SIRT3 expression in recreational divers after a winter non-dive period". Free Radical Research 52:2, 188-197.

Matea Perić, Anita Lovrić, Ana Šarić, Marina Musa, Peter Bou Dib, Marina Rudan, Andrea Nikolić, Sandra Sobočanec, Ana-Matea Mikecin, Sven Dennerlein, Ira Milošević, Kristian Vlahoviček, Nuno Raimundo, Anita Kriško. TORC1-mediated sensing of chaperone activity alters glucose metabolism and extends lifespan. Aging Cell 2017.

Ana Šarić, Ivo Crnolatac, Frédéric Bouillaud, S Sobočanec, Ana-Matea Mikecin, Željka Mačak Šafranko, Todor Delgeorgiev, Ivo Piantanida, Tihomir Balog, Patrice X Petit (2017) Non-toxic fluorescent phosphonium probes to detect mitochondrial potential. Methods and Applications in fluorescence 2017. 5(1) 

Mačak Šafranko Ž, Balog T, Musa M, Tartaro Bujak I, Sobočanec S. The effect of 17β-estradiol on sex-dimorphic cytochrome P450 expression patterns induced by hyperoxia in liver of male CBA/H mice. Mollecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2016. 421 (1), 183–191. 

M Perić, P Bou Dib, S Dennerlein, A Lovrić, M Musa,M Rudan, A Nikolić, A Šarić, S Sobočanec, Ž Mačak,N Raimundo, A Kriško. Crosstalk between cellular compartments protects against proteotoxicity and extends lifespan. Scientific Reports 2016. 6:No.28751. doi:10.10387/srep28751. 

A Šarić, K Andreau, AS Armand, I M. Møller and PX Petit Barth Syndrome: From Mitochondrial Dysfunctions Associated with Aberrant Production of Reactive Oxygen Species to Pluripotent Stem Cell Studies. Frontiers in Genetics 2016.

Sobočanec S, Filić V, Matovina M, Majhen D, Šafranko ŽM, Hadžija MP, Krsnik Ž, Kurilj AG, Šarić A, Abramić M, Balog T. Prominent role of DPP III in the E2-mediated protection against hyperoxia in vivo. Redox Biology 2016. 8:149-159. 

S Sobočanec, ŽM Šafranko; A Šarić; M Korolija; MP Hadžija; T Balog. Response to hyperoxia is associated with similar ho-1 gene expression level in lungs of aging CBA mice of both sexes. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports,  2016. 5:55-62.

A Šarić,S Sobočanec, Ž Mačak Šafranko, M Popović Hadžija, R Bagarić, V Farkaš, A Švarc, T Marotti, Tihomir Balog. Diminished resistance to hyperoxia in brain of reproductively senescent female CBA/H mice. Medical Science Monitor Basic Science 21:191-199; 2015.

Sobočanec S, Šarić A, Mačak Šafranko Ž, Popović Hadžija M , Abramić M, Balog The role of 17β-estradiol in the regulation of antioxidant enzymes via the Nrf2–Keap1 pathway in the livers of CBA/H mice. Life Sciences 2015. 130; 57-65. 

 Mačak Šafranko Z, Sobočanec S, Sarić A, Jajčanin-Jozić N, Krsnik Z, Aralica G, Balog T, Abramić M. “The effect of 17beta estradiol on the expression of dipeptidyl peptidase III and heme oxygenase 1 in liver of CBA/H mice”. J Endocrinol Invest 2014. 

A Šarić, S Sobočanec, Ž Mačak Šafranko, M Popović-Hadžija, G Aralica, M Korolija, B Kušić, T Balog “Female headstart in resistance to hyperoxia-induced oxidative stress in mice” Acta Biochimica Polonica 2014. 

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