Armin Mešić


Senior Research Associate
+385 1 456 0930


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Bijenička cesta 54
HR-10000 Zagreb

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  • 1999. - Bsc, biology - ecology - Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
  • 2006. - PhD, biology - mycology - Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Featured Publications

  • Kušan I, Matočec N, Jadan M, Tkalčec Z, Mešić A (2018) An overview of the genus Coprotus (Pezizales, Ascomycota) with notes on the type species and description of C. epithecioides sp. nov. MycoKeys 29: 15-47 (Q2, IF = 3.000)
  • Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Abreu VP, Bazzicalupo A, ... Mešić A, ... Mortimer PE (2017) Fungal diversity notes 603–708: taxonomic and phylogenetic notes on genera and species. Fungal Diversity 87: 1–235. (Q1, IF = 13.465)
  • Crous PW, Wingfield MJ, Burgess TI, Carnegie AJ, ... Mešić A, ... Groenewald JZ (2017) Fungal Planet description sheets: 625–715. Persoonia 39: 270-467. (Q1, IF 7.511)
  • Tibpromma S., Hyde K.D., Jeewon R., Maharachchikumbura S.S.N., Liu J.-K., Bhat D.J., ... Mešić A., ... Karunarathna S.C. (2017) Fungal diversity notes 491–602: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa. Fungal diversity 83: 1–261. (Q1, IF 13.465)
  • Mešić A., Tkalčec Z., Kušan I., Matočec N. (2016) New names and combinations in the genus Entoloma (Agaricales, Basidiomycota). Phytotaxa 289(3): 296–300. (Q3, IF 1.240)
    Zimmermann B., Tkalčec Z., Mešić A., Kohler A. (2015). Characterizing aeroallergens by infrared spectroscopy of fungal spores and pollen. PLOS One 10(4): e0124240. (Q1, IF 3.057)
  • Tkalčec Z., Mešić A., Deng C.-Y., Li T.-H., Pleše B., Ćetković H. (2015). Hymenoporus paradoxus gen. et sp. nov., a striking fungus of the family Omphalotaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) with tubular hymenophore. Phytotaxa 204(3): 203-212. (Q3, IF 1.240)
  • Peintner U., Schwarz S., Mešić A., Moreau P.-A., Moreno G., Saviuc P. (2013). Mycophilic or Mycophobic? Legislation and Guidelines on Wild Mushroom Commerce Reveal Different Consumption Behaviour in European Countries. PLOS One. 8(5): e63926. (Q1, IF 3.534)
  • Mešić A., Tkalčec Z., Antonín V. (2012). Studies on Croatian Basidiomycota 2: Marasmiellus milicae sp. nov. Mycotaxon 119: 233-239. (Q4, IF 0.821)
  • Tkalčec Z., Mešić A. and Čerkez M. (2011). Galerella nigeriensis (Agaricales), a new species from tropical Africa. Mycotaxon 114: 263-270. (Q4, IF 0.709)
  • Tkalčec Z., Mešić A. and Hausknecht A. (2009). Two new taxa of Bolbitiaceae (Agaricales) from Croatia. Mycotaxon 107: 249-258. (Q4, IF 0.574)
  • Tkalčec Z. and Mešić A. (2008). Gloiocephala cerkezii, a new species from Croatia. Mycologia 100(2): 306-310. (Q2, IF 2.550)
  • Tkalčec Z., Mešić A. and Hausknecht A. (2009). Two new taxa of Bolbitiaceae (Agaricales) from Croatia. Mycotaxon 107: 249-258. (Q4, IF 0.574)

Membership in professional associations / societies

Croatian Mycological Society - Secretary

European Mycological Association - EMA

Associazione Micologica Bresadola

The Society of Herbarium Curators

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