Branka Medved Rogina

Branka Medved Rogina


Senior Research Associate
+385 1 468 0090


Krilo 10/D-102

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Division of Electronics
Laboratory for Stochastic Signals and Processes Research


1977-1981; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrotechnics, Zagreb, Croatia (B.Sc.)

1983-1993; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrotechnics, Zagreb, Croatia (M.Sc.)

1993-1997; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia (Ph.D.)


  1. Long term scientific project (Ministry of Science Education and Sport), Real Life Data Measurement and Characterization, (2007-), (principal investigator)
  2. Croatian-Hungarian Intergovernmental S&T Programme, Reconfigurable embedded systems based assistive applications for elderlypeople, (2009-2011), (principal investigator)
  3. R&D project with the KONČAR Electrical Engineering INSTITUTE, Reliability of programmable logic devices in industrial embedded systems, (2007-2009), (principal investigator).
  4. R&D Project CTI Electronics Ltd, USA, CTI Electronics Optical Joystick Performance Optimization, (2007-2009), (co-leader)
  5. World Bank Croatia TAL2 project Quantum Random Number Generator, (2004-2006),(co-leader)

Awards and Achievements

  1. Golden medal & DiplomeARCA 2005of the Third international innovation exhibition of new ideas, products and technologies of the Zagreb International Autumn Fair 2005 for the innovationQRBG121 Quantum Random Number Generator.
  2. Golden medal & Diplome of the Salon international de inventions Geneve 2005, for the innovationQuantum Random Number Generator.
  3. Rikard Podhorsky2008. Croatian Academy of Engineering Annual award.


Since 1998. is involved in educational laboratory of two undergraduate courses, Optoelectronic circuits and Optical communication systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Today teaches undergraduate course Optical networks. She also teaches Police operational techniques course at the Police Academy, High police school in Zagreb.

Featured Publications

  1. Škoda, P., Lipić, T., Srp, Á., Medved Rogina, B., Skala, K., Vajda, F.,ImplementationFrameworkforArtificialNeuralNetworksonFPGA. Proceedings of the 34th International Convention MIPRO, Conference on Grid and Visualization Systems, MIPRO 2011, Opatija, Croatia, 2011, 305-309.
  2. Michieli, I., Medved Rogina, B., Ristov, S., Data series embedding and scale invariant statistics, Human movement science, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2010, 450-465.
  3. Medved Rogina, B., Škoda, P., Skala, K., Michieli, I.,MetastabilityTestingatFPGACircuitDesignusing Propagation Time Characterization, Radioelectronics & Informatics, Vol. 51. No. 4, 2010, 4-8.
  4. Stevanović, R., Topić, G., Skala, K., Stipčević, M., Rogina, B.M.,Quantum Random Bit Generator Service for Monte Carlo and Other Stochastic Simulations, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, 2008, 208-215.
  5. Stipčević, M., Medved Rogina, B.,Quantum Random Number Generator Based on Photonic Emission In Semiconductors, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 78, 2007, 045104.
  6. B. Medved Rogina, K. Skala, B. Vojnović,Metastability Characteristics Testing for Programmable Logic Design, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1142, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 381-388 (1996).
  7. B. Medved Rogina, B. Vojnović,Application of Optical Fibre Sensors for Radiation Dosimetry, Radiation Measurements, Vol. 26, No. 4, 599-602 (1996).
  8. B. Medved Rogina, B. Vojnović,Metastability Evaluation Method by Propagation Delay Distribution Measurement, Proceedings of the Fourth Asian Test Symposium, IEEE CS PRO7129, 40-44, Bangalore, Indija (1995).

Membership in professional associations / societies

HATZ (Croatian Academy of Engineering) associate member

ELMAR (Croatian Society Electronics in Marine) Presidency member

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) member

IEEE Computer Society member

IEEE Instrument & Measurement Society member

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