Ingrid Ivančić

Ingrid Ivančić


senior scientific associate
+385 52 804 743



Centre for Marine Research
Institute Ruđer Bošković
G. Paliaga 5

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1980 Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology University of Zagreb

Organic Chemistry B.Sc. in Chemistry

1985 Zagreb University of Zagreb

Oceanology M.S. in Oceanology

1995 Zagreb Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science University of Zagreb

Chemistry Ph.D. in Chemistry


Study of the Marine Sciences at the University of Pula:

I. Ivančić - Nutrient Cycle

I. Ivančić - Oceanographic Methods and Techniques

M. Najdek, I. Ivančić, M. Blažina - Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods

M. Najdek, D. Fuks, I. Ivančić - Cycle of Organic Matter and Eutrophication

Featured Publications

1) Ivančić, I., Degobbis, D., 1984. An optimal manual procedure for ammonia analysis in natural waters by the indophenol blue method. Wat. Res., 18, 1143‑1147.

2) Degobbis, D., Donazzolo, R., Ivančić, I., Pavoni, B., Marcomini, A., 1986. Nutrient analyses in natural waters: A critical revision. Ann.Chim., Rome, 76, 179‑194.

3) Ivančić, I., Degobbis, D., 1987. Mechanisms of production and fate of organic phosphorous in the northern Adriatic Sea. Mar. Biol., 94 (1), 117‑125.

4) Degobbis, D., Ivančić, I., 1991. Recent improvements of ammonium and total phosphorus analysis in sea water. Oebalia, 17, N.S., 221‑235.

5) Degobbis, D., Precali, R., Ivančić, I., Smodlaka, N., Kveder, S., 1997. The importance and problems of nutrient flux measurements to study eutrophication of the northern Adriatic. Period. Biol., 99, 161-167.

6) Tičina, V., Ivančić, I., Emrić, V., 2000. Relation between the hydrographic properties of the northern Adriatic Sea water and sardine (Sardina pilchardus) population schools. Per. Biol., 102 (Suppl. 1), 181-192.

7) Degobbis, D., Precali, R., Ivančić, I., Smodlaka, N., Fuks, D., Kveder, S., 2000. Long-term changes in the northern Adriatic ecosystem related to anthropogenic eutrophication. Int. J. Environmental and Pollution, 13 (1-6), 495-533.

8) Najdek, M., Deggobis, D., Mioković, D., Ivančić, I., 2002. Fatty acid and phytoplankton composition of different types of mucilaginous aggregates in the northern Adriatic Sea. J. Plankton Res., 24 (5), 429-441.

9) Supić, N., Ivančić, I., 2002. Hydrographic conditions in the northern Adriatic in the relation to surface fluxes and the Po River discharge rates (1966-1992). Period. Biol., 104 (2), 203-209.

10) Cozzi, S., Ivančić, I., Catalano, G., Djakovac, T., Degobbis, D., 2004. Dynamics of the oceanographic properties during mucilage appearance in the northern Adriatic Sea: Analysis of the 1977 event in comparison to earlier events. J. Mar. Syst,. 50 (3-4), 223-241.

11) Supić, N., Grbec, I. Vilibic, I., Ivančić, I., 2004. Long-term changes in hydrographic conditions in northern Adriatic and its relationship to hydrological and atmospheric processes. Annales Geophysicae, 22, 733-745.

12) Ivančić, I., Degobbis, D., Pečar, O., Fuks, D., Manganelli, M., Kraus, R., Djakovac, T., Precali, R., Scenati, R., 2004. Northern Adriatic mesocosm experiment Rovinj 2003: Nutrient dynamics. Period. Biolog., 106(1), 17-22.

13) Kraus, R., Ivančić, I., Djakovac, T., Smodlaka, N., 2004. Northern Adriatic mesocosm experiment Rovinj 2003: Changes in the microphytoplankton community. Period. Biolog., 106(1), 31-37.

14) Degobbis, D., Precali, R., Ferrari, C.R., Djakovac, T., Rinaldi, A., Ivančić, I., Gismondi, M., Smodlaka, N. 2005. Changes in nutrient concentrations and ratios during mucilage events in the period 1999-2002. Sci. Total Envir., 353, 103-114.

15) Radić T., Ivančić I., Fuks D., Radić J. 2006. Marine bacterioplankton production of polysaccharidic and proteinaceous particles under different nutrient regimes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 58, 87-103

16) Ivančić I., Radić, T., Lyons, D.M., Fuks, D., Precali, R., Kraus, R. 2009. Alkaline phosphatise activity in relation to nutrient status in the northern Adriatic Sea. Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser., 378, 27-35.

17) Ivančić I., Fuks D., Radić T., Lyons D.M., Šilović T., Kraus R., Precali R. 2010. Importance of alkaline phosphatase for phytoplankton and bacteria phosphorus supply in the northern Adriatic sea. Mar. Envir. Res., 69, 85-94.

18) Ivančić I., Fuks D., Najdek M., Blažina M., Devescovi M., Šilović T., Paliaga P., Orlić S. 2010. Long-term changes in heterotrophic prokaryotes abundance and growth characteristics in the northern Adriatic Sea. J. Mar. Sys., 82, 206–216.

19) Najdek M., Blažina M., Fuks D., Ivančić I., Silović T. 2011. Intrusion of high-salinity water causes accumulation of transparent exopolymer particles (TEP) in the northern Adriatic Sea. Aquat. Microb. Ecol., 63 (1); 69-74.

Membership in professional associations / societies

Member of the Committee for Water Protection, Republic of Croatia

Member of the Chemical Oceanography and Pollution Committees of the International Commission for the Scientific Ex­ploration of the Mediterranean (CIESM), Monaco 

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