Jasminka Popović

Jasminka Popović

Dr. sc.

Senior scientific associate
Head of Laboratory
+385 1 456 1120


Krilo 3/121

Bijenicka 54, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia


  • 2008. PhD in natural sciences (chemistry)

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Aug 2004 - Jul 2008

  • 2002. Graduate engineer diploma in chemistry (equivalent to Ms. in chemistry)

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry,  University of Zagreb, Oct 1996 - May 2002


Principal investigator on projects:

  • 2015-2017  „Metal-Hydride Organic Frameworks (HOF) - new solids for gas adsorption and separation“ (Swiss National Science Foundation)
  • 2015-2019  „Project for the education of doctoral students, Croatian Science Foundation, Grant for employment of PhD student
  • 2016-2017   “High performance anodes based on Mn-spinel structures, bilateral project with China
  • 2014-2015   “Oxide materials for next generation Li ion batteries“, bilateral project with China
  • 2014-2015   “Nanocrystal oxide materials of transition metals: microwave synthesis and structural properties", bilateral project with Austria
  • 2013-2014   “Nanoporous multifunctional materials – Toward novel multiferroics”, bilateral project with Germany (DAAD)
  • 2016  “Structural and magnetic properties of selected spinel materials”, project of Croatian Academy for Science and Arts
  • 2015  “Mn-spinels for application in Li-ion battery", project of Croatian Academy for Science and Arts
  • 2014   “Nanocrystalline metal oxides: Microwave synthesis and structural characterisation””, project of Croatian Academy for Science and Arts
  • 2013   “XBroad – program for X-ray broadening analysis”, project of Croatian Academy for Science and Arts

Associate on projects:

  • 2016.-2018.  “Biocompatible nanoparticles with enhanced therapeutic efficacy of flavonoids in food products”, BICRO project, PI: Suzana Šegota
  • 2015-2018     “Acrobatics of molecular crystals-thermosalient materials for new actuators”, Croatian Science foundation, PI:  Željko Skoko
  • 2015-2019     “Novel metal organic systems with oxalate and quinpnic ligands for advanced application”, Croatian Science foundation, PI: Krešimir Molčanov
  • 2013-2015     „Multifunctional complex metal tellurates: Structure-property relationship study”, Unity through knowledge fund; PI: Igor  Đerđ
  • 2013-2014     “New organic-inorganic hybrid materials: elucidation of structure by XRPD and DFT”, Croatian-French (COGITO) bilateral project, PI: Igor Đerđ 

Awards and Achievements

  • 2016 Best Lecture Award, 23rd Serbian Crystallographic Meeting, Fruška gora, Serbia
  • 2016 Annual RBI Director’s Award for 2015.
  • 2014 Annual RBI Director’s Award for 2013.
  • 2013 Annual RBI Director’s Award for 2012.
  • 2011 Special Mention Award, 44th International School of Crystallography, Erice, Italy.
  • 2011 Best poster Award, 44th International School of Crystallography, Erice, Italy
  • 2010 CNR mobility grant for research work at Institute of Crystallography Bari, Italy
  • 2004 Best poster Award; 9th International Workshop of Crystallography, Assiut, Egypt

Featured Publications

  • Popović, J., Jurić, M., Pajić, D., Vrankić, M., Zavašnik, J. & Habjanič, J. (2017) Effect of the Cation Distribution and Microstructure on the Magnetic Behavior of the CoMn2O4 Oxide. Inorganic chemistry, 56 (7), 3983-3989.
  • Wong, M., Liu, F., Kam, C., Leung, T., Tam, H., Djurišić, A., Popović*, J., Li, H., Shih, K., Low, K., Chan, W., Chen, W., He, Z., Ng, A. & Surya, C. (2017) Synthesis of Lead-Free Perovskite Films by Combinatorial Evaporation: Fast Processes for Screening Different Precursor Combinations. Chemistry of Materials, 29 (23), 9946-9953.
  • Sun, Q., Bijelić, M., Djurišić, A., Suchomski, C., Liu, X., Xie, M., Ng, A., Kong Li, H., Shih, K., Burazer, S., Skoko, Ž., Djerdj, I. & Popović*, J. (2017) Graphene-oxide-wrapped ZnMn2O4 as a high performance lithium-ion battery anode. Nanotechnology, 28 (45). 
  • Lončarić, I., Popović, J., Despoja, V., Burazer, S., Grgičević, I., Popović, D. & Skoko, Ž. (2017) Reversible Thermosalient Effect of N′-2- Propylidene-4-hydroxybenzohydrazide Accompanied by an Immense Negative Compressibility: Structural and Theoretical Arguments Aiming toward the Elucidation of Jumping Phenomenon. Crystal growth & design, 17 (8), 4445-4453. 
  • Valant, M., Popović, J., Vrčon Mihelj, M., Burazer, S., Altomare, A. & Moliterni, A. (2017) Oxide crystal structure with square-pyramidally coordinated vanadium for integrated electronics manufactured at ultra-low processing temperatures. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 5 (7), 5562-5568. 
  • Djerdj, I., Popović, J., Mal, S., Weller, T., Nuskol, M., Jagličić, Z., Skoko, Ž., Pajić, D., Suchomski, C., Voepel, P., Marschall, R., Kozlevčar, B. & M. Smarsly, B. (2016) Aqueous sol-gel route toward selected quaternary metal oxides with single and double perovskite-type structure containing tellurium. Crystal growth & design, 16 (5), 2535-2541
  • Bijelić,M; Liu,X; Djurišić, A; Xie,M; Ng,A; Suchomski, C; Djerdj, I; Skoko, Ž; Popović*, J. Long cycle life of CoMn2O4 lithium ion battery anodes with high crystallinity. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 3 (2015), 14759 (IF 7.44)
  • Habjanič, J; Jurić, M.; Popović, J; Molčanov, K; Pajić, D. A 3D Oxalate-based network as a precursor for the CoMn2O4 spinel: synthesis and structural and magnetic studies. Inorganic chemistry. 53 (2014) 9633 (IF=4.51)
  • Hu, D; Han, B; Feng, Z; Wang, Y; Popović, J; Nuskol, M; Wang, Y; Djerdj, I. Novel mixed phase SnO2 nanorods assembled with SnO2 nanocrystals for enhancing gas-sensing performance toward isopropanol gas. Journal of physical chemistry C. 118 (2014)  9832 (IF=4.77)
  • Popović*, J; Vrankić, M; Jurić, M. Tuning the microstructure of γ‑Ba4Nb2O9 polymorph prepared from single-molecular precursor. Crystal Growth & Design. 13 (2013) 2161 (IF 4.69)
  • Jurić, M; Popović, J; Šantić, A; Molčanov, K; Brničević, N; Planinić, P. Single-step preparation of the mixed BaII−NbV oxides from a heteropolynuclear oxalate complex. Inorganic chemistry. 52 (2013) 1832 (IF=4.51)
  • Skoko, Ž; Popović*, J; Dekanić, K; Kolbas, V; Popović, S. XBroad-program for extracting basic microstructure information from XRD pattern in few clicks. Journal of applied crystallography. 45 (2012) 594 (IF 3.95)
  • Djerdj,I; Popović, J; Stare,J; Škarpin,S; Kozlevčar, B; Pajić, D; Jagličić,Z; Crnjak Orel, Z. Nanocrystalline hybrid inorganic-organic one-dimensional chain systems tailored with 2 and 3-phenyl rings monocarboxylic acids. Journal of materials chemistry. 22 (2012) 10255 (IF=6.11)

Membership in professional associations / societies

  • One of founders of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers (http://hrvatska-udruga-kristalografa.hr/?lang=en)
  • Treasurer of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the 29th European Crystallographic Meeting, Rovinj 2015. (> 1000 participants)
  • Treasurer of the 29thEuropean Crystallographic MeetingOrganizing Committee
  • Co-chair of Hot topics in Contemporary Crystallography (HTTC), Šibenik, Croatia, 2014
  • Chair of the 3rd European Crystallographic School (ECS3), Bol, Croatia, 201(http://ecs3.ecanews.org/HOME.html)
  • Member of Scientific committee of the 2rd European Crystallography school (ECS2), Oveido, Španjolska, 2015
  • Invited participant of the German-Croatian Forum, Federal Foreign Office, Auswärtiges Amt Berlin, Jan 2014.
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the international school,Hot topics in Contemporary Crystallography 2(HTTC2), Poreč, Croatia, 2017
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the 24th Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting (CSCM24), Bol, 2016
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the 22nd Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting (CSCM22), Biograd, 2013.
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the 20th Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting (CSCM20), Baška, 2011.

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