Robert Vianello

Robert Vianello


Senior Scientist
Group Leader
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Ruđer Bošković Institute
Computational Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Group
Bijenička cesta 54
HR-10000 Zagreb

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2010-2012   FP7 Marie Curie fellow, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia (host: Dr. Janez Mavri)

2005   Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Heidelberg, Germany (host: Prof. Rolf Gleiter)

05.11.2003.   PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Thesis title: "Interactions of Lewis acids and bases". Supervisor: Prof. Zvonimir Maksić

2001–2003   Postgraduate study of physical chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

17.11.2000.   Dipl. Ing. in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Thesis title: "Proton Affinities of Some Guanidine Derivatives". Supervisor: Prof. Zvonimir Maksić

1996–2000   Chemistry study, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

1992–1996   The Sušak High School, Rijeka, Croatia

1984–1992   Primary School, Rijeka, Croatia


2015-2019   "Design and Synthesis of Novel Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Fluorophores and Fluorescent Nanomaterials for pH and Metal-Ion Sensing"; research grant from the Croatian Science Foundation

2013-2017   "Computational Studies of the Biogenic Amines of the Brain for Targeting Neurological Diseases"; individual FP7 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-CIG call)

2011-2014   "Broensted and Lewis acids and bases in chemistry and biochemistry"; fundamental project from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

2010-2012   "Computational Studies of Proton Dynamics in Hydrogen Bonded Systems and Enzymes"; individual Marie Curie Fellowship for Career Development (FP7–PEOPLE–2009–IEF call) for 18 months stay at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2008-2010   "Computational Prediction of Structure and Catalytic Activity of New Organic Superacids"; Research Grant from the Unity through Knowledge Fund under the Young Researchers and Professionals Program co-financed by the industrial partner APO Environmental Protection Services Ltd. Zagreb, Croatia

2009-2010   "Acid-base and tautomeric properties of biologically relevant molecules in solution"; Croatia-Slovenia bilateral project

2008-2009   "Amide bond and their implications in molecular biology"; Austria-Croatia bilateral project

Awards and Achievements

2018   Branimir Jernej Foundation Annual Award for a publication in the fields of molecular biology, neurosciences and biomedicine published in 2017

2017   Croatian National Science Award in the field of natural sciences awarded by the Croatian Parliament and the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia 

2015   Annual Award from the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute for a paper in a journal with high impact factor

2013   Presentation on the official web-site of the European Commission ( celebrating Croatia's accession to the European Union

2012   "Marie Curie Success Story", presentation of the project among 23 individual Marie Curie fellowships in the publication "EU FP7 People Specific Programme Success Stories Booklet"

2012   Annual Award from the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute for a paper in a journal with high impact factor

2010   "50,000th Marie Curie Fellowship Award", an honour given by the European Commission to 25 Marie Curie Fellows

2010   Annual Award from the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute for securing a highly funded project

2010   "Promising Scientist Prize" of the Centre for the Applied Quantum Mechanics in Paris, France

2008   Annual Award of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts for the development of the scientific and artistic work

2007   Leopold Ružička Award for young scientists of the Croatian Chemical Society

2006   Croatian National Science Award – Annual award for junior researchers awarded by the Croatian Parliament and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia

2004   Annual Award by the Society of University Teachers and other Scientists in Zagreb for the work in chemistry 

2004   Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship for a three months stay at the University of Heidelberg, Germany (host: Prof. Rolf Gleiter)

2004   City of Rijeka's Public Award – Annual award for the creative work and achievements in chemistry in 2002 and 2003

1995   Annual Award for the Achievements in Technical Culture and the Promotion of the City of Rijeka awarded by the Society of Technical Culture and the City of Rijeka

1993–2000   Scholar of the City of Rijeka

Featured Publications

1. R. Vianello, J. Mavri: "EVB simulation of the catalytic activity of monoamine oxidases: from chemical physics to neurodegeneration”, in Theory and applications of the empirical valence bond approach: from physical chemistry to chemical biology, (F. Duarte, S. C. L. Kamerlin, Eds.), John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester, UK, 2017, p. 199–231.

2. A. Maršavelski, R. Vianello: "What a difference a methyl group makes: the selectivity of monoamine oxidase B towards histamine and N-methylhistamine", Chemistry – A European Journal 201723, 2915–2925.

3. T. Gregorić, M. Sedić, P. Grbčić, A. Tomljenović Paravić, S. Kraljević Pavelić, M. Cetina, R. Vianello, S. Raić-Malić: "Novel pyrimidine-2,4-dione–1,2,3-triazole and furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2-one–1,2,3-triazole hybrids as potential anti-cancer agents: Synthesis, computational and X-ray analysis and biological evaluation", European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017125, 1247–1267. 

4. M. Pavlin, M. Repič, R. Vianello, J. Mavri: "The chemistry of neurodegeneration: kinetic data and their implications”, Molecular Neurobiology 201653, 3400–3415.  

5. D. Saftić, R. Vianello, B. Žinić: "5-Triazolyluracils and their N1-sulfonyl derivatives: intriguing reactivity differences in the sulfonation of triazole N1'-substituted and N1'-unsubstituted uracil molecules", European Journal of Organic Chemistry 201535, 7695–7704. 

6. I. Picek, R. Vianello, P. Šket, J. Plavec, B. Foretić: "Tandem β-elimination/hetero-Michael addition rearrangement of an N-alkylated pyridinium oxime to an O-alkylated pyridine oxime ether: an experimental and computational study", Journal of Organic Chemistry 201580, 2165–2173.

7. I. Despotović, R. Vianello: "Engineering exceptionally strong oxygen superbases with 1,8-diazanaphthalene di-N-oxides”, Chemical Communications 201450, 10941–10944. 

8. Z. B. Maksić, B. Kovačević, R. Vianello: "Advances in determining the absolute proton affinities of neutral organic molecules in the gas phase and their interpretation: a theoretical account", Chemical Reviews 2012112, 5240-5270.

9. R. Vianello, M. Repič, J. Mavri: "How are biogenic amines metabolized by monoamine oxidases?", European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 7057–7065, cover page article.

10. R. Borštnar, M. Repič, M. Kržan, J. Mavri, R. Vianello: "Irreversible inhibition of monoamine ox­idase B by the antiparkinsonian medicines rasagiline and selegiline: a computational study", European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011,  6419-6433, cover page article.

11. J. Stare, J. Mavri, J. Grdadolnik, J. Zidar, Z. B. Maksić, R. Vianello: "Hydrogen bond dynamics of histamine monocation in aqueous solution: Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics and vibrational spectroscopy study", Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2011115, 5999-6010.

12. R. Vianello, Z. B. Maksić: "Polycyano derivatives of some organic tri– and hexacyclic molecules are powerful super– and hyperacids in the gas phase and DMSO: computational study by DFT approach", Journal of Organic Chemistry 201022, 7670–7681.

Membership in professional associations / societies

national representative in the International Society of Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (from 2013)

member of the Croatian Chemical Society (from 2001)

member of the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers (from 2006)

member of the Croatian Society of Theoretical and Mathematical Biology (from 2003)


presented 1 plenary, 20 invited lectures, 10 lectures and 7 popular presentations at domestic and international meetings and conferences

Mentor of 2 PhD thesis and mentor of 4 Dipl. Ing. thesis

member of the Editorial Board of Croatica Chemica Acta (from 2010), Frontiers in Chemical Biology (from 2013), and Advances in Chemistry (from 2013)

member of the Selection Committee of the NEWFELPRO programme for the mobility of experienced researchers in Croatia (2013–present)

member of the International Steering Committee of the "Central European Conference - Chemistry towards Biology" series of conferences (2012-present)

member of the Organizing Committee of the 5th Central European Conference – Chemistry towards Biology (Primošten, Croatia, 08–11 September 2010)

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