Sonja Levanat

Sonja Levanat


principal investigator
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Krilo 5/303

Division of Molecular Medicine
Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička 54, HR-10000 Zagreb

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1978 - B.Sc. in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

1984 - M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

1988 - Ph.D. in Experimental Oncology, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, University of Zagreb


2006 - present - scientific project ''Signal transduction in tumors:Hh-Gli interactions and therapeutic potential'', principal investigator, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia

2009 - 2010 ''Genetic Testing of Inherited Predisposition to Breast and Ovarian Cancer’’ principal investigator, The Terry Fox Run, Terry Fox donation, Canadian Embassy

2007 - 2009 ''Hereditary breast cancer predisposition in Croatia and Hungary'', principal investigator , Croatian – Hungarian Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation Programme

2005 - 2006 technological project ''Developing method for detection of inherited predisposition to breast cancer in Croatia'' , principal investigator, Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Croatia ;

2002 - 2006 scientific project “The SHH/PTCH/SMO signaling pathway in tumorigenesis and development”, principal investigator, Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Croatia 0098091;

2003-2005 Collaborative joint project Cogito between France and Croatia  "Molecular genetics of Gorlin syndrome", principal investigator, Ministries of Sciences and Technology, Republic of Croatia and France

2002 - 2004 bilateral joint project “The role of the SHH/PTCH/SMO  pathway in oncogenesis. Mechanisms of regulation of the SHH/PTCH/SMO pathway in different pathological conditions”, principal investigator Croatian and Austrian Ministries of science

1997 - 1999 joint project “Molecular  aspects of malignancy”, principal investigator, Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Republic of Croatia and  Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Republic of Slovenia;

1996 - 2001 scientific project“The role of Gorlin syndrome in malformations and tumor development”, principal investigator, Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Republic of Croatia

Awards and Achievements

2010 - Honorary membership of EACR (European Association for Cancer Research)

1979 - “Krka”, Slovenija award for best graduation thesis


"Signaling pathways and interactions", graduate course at the Department of Biotechnology and drug development, University of Rijeka, from 2010-present

"Combination of therapies and mechanisms  in  treatment of malignant diseases", "Genomic  DNA", "Biology of tumor and normal cell" postgraduate courses at Molecular Biosciences, a joint postgraduate program by the University of Osijek, University of Dubrovnik and Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia, from  2008 – present

"Molecular, biological and biochemical functions of the cell" postgraduate course at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb  from  2005-present

"Molecular biology and biochemistry of normal and transformed cells" postgraduate course at the School of Medicine University of Zagreb from 2003-present

"Biological methods in genetic toxicology" postgraduate course at Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb from 2001- present

Participating in lecturing in Courses Molecular Oncology, Molecular Medicine and  Growth Factors, Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors at School of Medicine (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999);  Molecular Oncology  at Faculty of Sciences (1997,1998)  and  Molecular Biology of Cell at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb (1996, 1997)

Featured Publications

Vuk-Pavlovic S, Opara EC, Levanat S, Vrbanec D, Pavelic K. (1986) Autocrine tumor growth regulation and tumor-associated hypoglycemia in murine melanoma B16 in vivo. Cancer Res46:2208-2213.

Levanat S, Gorlin RJ, Fallet S, Johnson DR, Fantasia JE, Bale AE. (1996)  A two-hit model for developmental defects in Gorlin syndrome.Nature genetics 12:85-87.

Shimkets R, Gailani M, Siu V, Yang-Feng T, Pressman C, Levanat S, Goldstein A, Dean M, Bale AE. (1996)  Molecular analysis of chromosome 9q deletions in two Gorlin syndrome patients.Am J Hum Genet 59:417-422.

Levanat S, Chidambaram A,Wicking C, Bray-Ward P, Pressman C,Toftgard R, Gailani MR, Wainwright B, Dean M, Bale AE. (1997) Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and FISH mapping of chromosome 9q22: Placement of a novel zinc finger gene within the NBCCS and ESS1 region.Cytogenet Cell Genet 76:208-213.

Levanat S, Koncar Mubrin M, Crnic I, Situm M, Basta-Juzbasic A. (2000)

Variable expression of Gorlin syndrome may reflect complexity of signalling pathway.Pflugers Archiv -European Journal of Physiology439:R31- R33.

Levanat S,Pavelic B, Crnic I, Oreskovic S, Manojlovic S. (2000)  Involvement of PTCH gene in various noninflammatory cysts.Journal of Molecular Medicine78:140-146.

Bakija-Konsuo A, Basta-Juzbasic A, Rudan I., Situm M, Nardelli-Kovacic M, Levanat S, Fischer J, Hohl D, Lončarić D, Seiwert S, Campbell H. (2002) Mal de Meleda: genetic haplotype analysis and clinicopathological findings in cases originating from the island of Mljet(Meleda), Croatia.Dermatol 205:32-39.

Levanat S, Situm M, Crnic I, Marasovic D, Puizina-Ivic N, Pokupcic N, Musani V, Komar A, Kubat M, Furač I, Karija-Vlahović M, Križanac Š.(2003) Alterations in CDK2A locus as  Potential Indicator of Melanoma Predisposition in Relatives of Non-Familial Melanoma Cases.Croat Med J44:418-424.

Levanat S, Kappler R, Hemmerlein B, Doring P, Musani V, Komar A, Oreskovic S, Pavelic B, Hahn H. (2004) Analysis of alterations of the PTCH1 signaling pathway in ovarian dermoids.Int J Mol Med 14:793-799.

Musani V, Gorry P, Basta-Juzbasic A, Stipic T, Miklic P, Levanat S  (2006) Mutation in exon 7 of PTCH deregulates SHH/PTCH/SMO signaling. Possible linkage to WNT.Int J Mol Med. 17:755-759.

Cretnik M, Musani V, Oreskovic S, Leovic D, Levanat S (2007) The Patched gene is epigenetically regulated in ovarian dermoids and fibromas, but not in basocellular carcinomas.Int J Mol Med 19:875-883.

Levanat S, Cretnik M, Musani V (2008) Hh-Gli signaling pathway functions and its therapeutic potential in cancer.Croatica Chemica Acta 81(1):1-5.

Levacic-Cvok M, Cretnik M, Musani V, Ozretic P, Levanat S(2008) New sequence variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes detected by high-resolution melting analysis in an elderly healthy female population in Coatia,Clin Chem Lab Med 46(10):1376-1383.

Willems P, Magri V, Cretnik M, Fasano M, Jakubowska A, Levanat S, Lubinski J, Marras E, Musani V, Thierens H, Vandersickel V, Perletti G, Vral A.(2009) Characterization of the c.190T>C missense mutation in BRCA1 codon 64 (Cys64Arg)Int J Oncol 34: 1005-1015.

Cretnik M, Poje G, Musani V , Kruslin B, Ozretic P, Tomas D, Situm M, Levanat S (2009)Involvement of p16 and PTCH in pathogenesis of melanoma and basal cell carcinomaInt J Oncol 34: 1045-1050.

Musani V, CretnikM, Situm M,  Basta-Juzbasic A, Levanat S (2009) Gorlin Syndrome patient with large deletion in 9q22.32-q22.33 detected  by Quantitative Multiplex Fluorescent PCR.Dermatology 219(2):111-118. 

Leović D, Sabol M,Ozretić P, Musani V, Car D, Marjanović K, Zubčić V, Sikora M, Glavaš-Obrovac Lj, Levanat S.Hh-Gli signaling pathway activity in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (2010)Head&Neckin press

Lof-Ohlin ZM, Levanat S,Sabol M, Sorbe B,Nilsson TK.promoter methylation in the PTCH gene in cervical epithelial cancer and ovarian cancer tissue as studied by eight novel Pyrosequencing assays (2011)Int J Oncol 38:685-692.

Lo Muzio L,Pastorino L,Levanat S, Musani V, Situm M,Bianchi Scarra G (2011) Clinical utility gene card for: Gorlin syndrome.European Journal of Human Geneticsel-e3;doi:10.1038/ehjg.2011.9

Membership in professional associations / societies

President of Croatian Association for Cancer Research (HDIR) from 2009

Honorary membership of EACR (European Association for Cancer Research)

Member of European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and Council Member of EACR from 2006

Member of Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Presidency Member from 2003

Member of Croatian Association of Human Genetics

Member of Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry

Member of Association for oncogenes and growth factors at HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Member of Association for genomics and proteomics in oncology at Medical Sciences Department at HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)


Member of Scientific Board of Rudjer Boskovic Institute from 2007 - present

President of the spin-off company Rudjer Medikol Diagnostics

Vice president of Scientific Board of Division of Molecular Medicine, Rudjer Boskovic Institute from 2009 - present

Library Committee of Rudjer Boskovic Institute, 2001 - 2006

from  2009 in the editorial board of Periodicum Biologorum

Guest editor of Periodicum Biologorum (vol 100, no 3, 1998)

Reviewer for international journals:

Croatian Medical Journal 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005

European Journal of Phisiology 2002

Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2003, 2009

Journal of Neuroscience Research 2009

Reviewer for domestic journals:

Liječnički vijesnik 2011

Reviewer for the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia 2002, 2004, 2006

Reviewer for the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia 2007, 2011

Congress and workshop organization:

2012 HDIR-2 - Second Meeting of the Croatian Association for Cancer Research with International Participation “From Bench to Clinic”, Zagreb, Croatia

2012 scientific committee FEBS3+ Meeting, Opatija, Croatia

2010 scientific committee HDBMB Congress, Opatija, Croatia

2010 HDIR-1 - First Meeting of the Croatian Association for Cancer Research with International Participation: “From Bench to Clinic”, Zagreb, Croatia

2010 Scientific Programme Advisory Committee, EACR-21st, Oslo, Norway

2008 scientific committee HDBMB Congress, Osijek, Croatia

2006 scientific committee HDBMB Congress, Vodice, Croatia

2004 scientific committee HDBMB Congress, Bjelolasica, Croatia

1997 organization of the international scientific symposium HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) "New Aspects in Molecular Medicine 4 - Human Molecular Genetics"

1998 organization of the summer workshop "Molecular Medicine - Signal Transduction" within the first international signaling pathway congress "International Conference on Signal Transduction"

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