Laboratory for Ecology and Systematics of benthos

Laboratory for Ecology and Systemtics of Benthos (LESB) conducts basic and applied reserch of marine biology and ecology, focusing primarily on the Systematics and Ecology of benthic organisms (macrophytobenthos, meiofauna, macrofauna) and communities, as well as benthic biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea.


dr.sc. Ana Travizi

+385 52 804 769
Fax: +385 52 804780
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Mission & vision of the Laboratory for Ecology and Systematics of benthos (LESB)

  • Contribution to the knowledge of BENTHIC FLORA and FAUNA  with special reference to the BIODIVERSITY of the Adriatic Sea 
  • Contribution to the knowledge of BENTHIC COMMUNITIES & HABITATS (spatial distribution; structural, functional and biodiversity patterns)
  • Scientific basis for BIOGEOGRAPHY and BIODIVERSITY research: inventory and mapping of the benthic  species,  communities and habitats; systematic maintenance, improvement, revision and updating of THE CHECKLIST OF THE ADRIATIC SEA BENTHIC INVERTEBRATES
  • Scientific basis for  TAXONOMIC and BIODIVERSITY research : taxonomic expertises, maintenance, revision and upgrading of the CMR/LESB BENTHIC INVERTEBRATES COLLECTION
  • Scientific basis (ECOSYSTEM APPROACH)  for  better understanding of temporal changes in benthic  communities and Adriatic Sea ecosystem
  • Detection and quantification of natural and anthropogenic impacts

Research interests:

  • Systematic, ecology and biogeography of macrophytobenthos (Algae and Phanerogams)
  • Systematic, ecology and biogeography of  selected meiofaunal (Nematoda) and macrofaunal (Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Polychaeta) taxa
  • Structure and dynamics of the Adriatic coastal and offshore benthic communities, with special focus on sensitive, endangered and protected areas
  • Biodiversity of communities and habitats in the Adriatic Sea
  • Influence of natural factors on the Adriatic benthic communities (salinity, temperature, oxygen, sediment structure and type...)
  • Impacts of anthropogenic activities on changes in the Adriatic benthic communities       (eutrophication, aquaculture, urban and industrial pollution, impacts of different fishing gears, degradation of rocky bottom due to illegal date-shell collection, coastal construction, fragmentation and destruction of natural habitats)
  • Ecology and expansion of non-indigenous invasive species and their influence on benthic Communities
Biodiversity of benthic communities in the Adriatic Sea: natural and anthropogenic influences

Biodiversity of benthic communities in the Adriatic Sea: natural and anthropogenic influences

Glavni istraživač / voditelj: Ana Travizi

One of the priority task starting from the local and national levels to the regional and global levels, is research of benthic communities biodiversity as one of the best indicators of the environmental quality and most reliable indicator of human activities and natural changes consequences.

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