Đurđica Ugarković

Đurđica Ugarković

prof. dr. sc.

znanstvena savjetnica IRB-a, naslovna redovita profesorica PMF-a u Zagrebu
+385 1 456 1197


Krilo 5/215

10 410 Velika Gorica, Đure pl. Josipovića 13


B.Sc.:                   1982. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Chemistry

M.Sc.:                   1985. University of Zagreb, Faculty  of  Natural Sciiences, Biochemistry

Ph.D.:                   1988. University of Zagreb, Faculty  of  Natural Sciences, Biochemistry:  "Photochemical  Reactions  of

                             Ribonucleic Acids"

 Research  fellowships:    1988-1991.  Department  of  Applied   Molecular Biology, Institute  of Physiological Chemistry,

                                      University of Mainz, Germany

                                      1992.  FEBS fellowship at the Department of  Genetics, Faculty  of Science, University  of Balearic Islands, Palma de  

                                       Mallorca, Spain


1. EC FP6 Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Project “Structural and functional analysis of noncoding heterochromatic DNA in insect Tribolium castaneum” (2006-2010, coordinator Đ. Ugarković)

2. EC FP6 Network of Excellence “The Epigenome” (2004-2009, associate member Đ. Ugarković)

3. Ministry of Science Republic of Croatia, project “Evolution and function of fast evolving portion of eukaryotic genome” (2007-2011, principal investigator Đ. Ugarković)

4. COST “Epigenetics: Bench to Bedsite” (2010-2014, member Đ. Ugarković)

5.FP7 EpiGeneSys: WP4: Signalling to the Epigenome (2011-2015, associate member Đ. Ugarković)

Nagrade i priznanja

EMBO member, since 2000

Member of Editorial Advisory Board “The Open Evolution Journal”, since 2007

Co-editor of the book series "Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology", Springer Verlag, since 2007