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A big portion of the equipment associated with an experimental end stations, installed at the RBI accelerator facility, has been designed by the Laboratory staff, with a lot of components being constructed in a local laboratory workshop. In collaboration with a number of foreign research groups who share a need for sophisticated instrumentation related to ion beam techniques, we have developed many unique instrumentation parts and assemblies. For example, we have designed and constructed a microprobe scattering chamber for the NCSR Demokritos in Athens, a detector testing chamber for the MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, an object slit assembly for the CMAM in Madrid and the entire PIXE/RBS end station for the BAEC accelerator in Dhaka.

Particularly strong expertise, that laboratory researchers and technical associates have, exists in the development of systems for the Time of Flight – TOF spectrometers for ERDA (ref. 1-3), design of components for an ion microprobe system (ref. 4), development of downsized high resolution PIXE spectrometers (ref. 5,6), etc.

Furthermore, due to the long experience in developments and upgrades of multiparameter data acquisition systems based on SPECTOR software, laboratory has developed a range of systems including those based on digital pulse processing. (ref. 7,8)

For all further information please contact: Milko Jakšić (, Zdravko Siketić (, or for the DAQ related issues Donny Domagoj Cosic (

Instrumentation examples


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